Laser Induced Damage in Optical Materials: 1986

    Bennett HE, Guenther AH, Milam D, Newnam BE
    Published: 1988

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    Contains papers presented at the 18th Symposium on Optical Materials for High Power Lasers. Topics include: Materials and Measurements; Thin Films; Surfaces and Mirrors; and Fundamental Mechanisms.

    Table of Contents

    Model Comparisons with Glancing Incidence Measurements of Overcoated Metal Mirrors
    DeSandre L., Kimura W., Woodberry F.

    Laser-Induced Damage in Optical Materials

    Development of Silicophosphate Glass HAP-3
    Hata C., Izumitani T., Matsukawa M., Tanaka K., Toratani H.

    Development of Composite Polymer-Glass Edge Claddings for Nova Laser Disks
    Campbell J., Edwards G., Frick F., Gemmell D., Gim B., Jancaitis K., Jessop E., Kong M., Lyon R., Murray J., Patton H., Pitts J., Powell H., Riley M., Wallerstein E., Wolfe C., Woods B.

    Mass Spectrometric Studies of Laser Damage in Calcium Fluoride
    Apel E., Estler R., Nogar N.

    CaF2: An ESCA Study
    Law M., Raj T.

    LIMA in Damage Diagnostics
    Edge G., Emmony D., Laidler I., Temple P.

    Laser-Induced Damage to Titanium-Doped Sapphire Using 532 nm Wavelength Pulses of 10 ns Duration
    DeShazer L., Seitel S.

    High-Energy Pulsed Laser Beam Profiling System
    Donovan T., Nichols D., Texeira P.

    Performance Characteristics of a Beam Profiling System Consisting of Various Solid State Imaging Devices and an 8-Bit Image Processor
    O'Connell R., Stewart A.

    Laser-Induced Damage Detection and Assessment by Enhanced Surface Scattering
    Babb M., Seitel S.

    Thermal Properties of Optical Materials
    Decker D.

    Beam-Induced Spherical Aberration in Cooled CW Laser Light Transmitting Components
    Klein C.

    Sum-Frequency Generation on Dye-Coated Surfaces Using Collinear and Noncollinear Excitation Geometries
    Keller R., Muenchausen R., Nguyen D., Nogar N.

    Thresholds for and Time Dependence of UV-Photon-Induced Desorption of Lithium Atoms from Lithium-Fluoride Single Crystals
    Haglund R., Tolk N.

    Radiation Hardness of Nd:YAG and Nd:Cr:GSGG Laser Rods
    Acharekar M., Kaplan M., McCarthy D.

    The Effect of Impurities on U.V. Damage in CaF2
    Emmony D., Laidler I.

    Effect of Cleaning on the Optical Absorption of Calcium Fluoride and Fused Silica at 351 nm
    Gallant D., Law M., Pond B.

    Chemically Strengthened Slab Laser Glass with Optical Surface Quality
    Hata C., Inazumi T., Izumitani T.

    Comparison of Frequency Response Characteristics of an Optical Scatterometer and a Mechanical Profilometer
    Al-Jumaily G., McNeil J., Wilson S.

    Ultrasmooth Sapphire Produced by Noncontact Polishing
    Bennett J., Shaffer J.

    Optical Damage in Epoxy Polymers by Millisecond Light Pulses
    Campbell J., Lyon R., Pitts J., Powell H., Wolfe C.

    Variations with Laser Pulse Duration of the Thresholds at 350-nm and 1064-nm for Bulk Damage in Crystals of KDP
    George D., Gonzales R., Singleton M., Staggs M., Weinzapfel C., Weinzapfel S.

    Production Oriented Laser Damage Testing at Hughes Aircraft Company
    Arenberg J., Frink M., Mordaunt D.

    Laser Damage Testing at the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment (AWRE)
    Norman C.

    Temperature Effects on Laser Induced Damage and Accumulation in Silicon
    Becker M., Platenak J., Walser R.

    End-Group Effects on the Wavelength Dependence of Laser-Induced Photodegradation in Bisphenol-A Polycarbonate
    Czanderna A., Webb J.

    Scatter Intensity Mapping of Laser-Illuminated Coating Defects
    Kuo R., Marrs C., Moran M.

    Spectral Emission Studies of Optical Coating Defects
    Marrs C., Moran M., Porteus J., Walker S.

    Photothermal Measurement of Optical Coating Thermal Transport Properties
    Hou L., Swimm R.

    Dependence of Damage Threshold of Anti-Reflection Coatings on Substrate Surface Roughness
    Kato Y., Nose Y., Yamanaka C., Yoshida K.

    Mechanical Stability and Absorptance of Metal Films
    McGuirk M., Perkin-Elmer .

    Highly Damage Resistant Anti-reflection Coating on the Chemically Etched Surface for High Power Lasers
    Kato Y., Ohtani M., Yamanaka C., Yoshida H., Yoshida K.

    Influence of Solution Chemistry on the Microstructure of Sol-Gel Derived Films
    Exarhos G., Ferris K., Nguyen C.

    Quantification of the Magnitude and Duration of the Preconditioning Effect in AR Coated BK-7 Glass
    Arenberg J., Frink M., Mordaunt D., Seitel S., Teppo E.

    Microstructural and Physico-Chemical Investigations of Dielectric Multilayers
    Guenther K., Pawlewicz W.

    An Investigation of Laser Processing of Thin Film Coatings
    Exarhos G., Stewart A., Weber A.

    Influence of Post-deposition Treatment by UV Light and Oxygen (ozone) on 350 nm Damage Thresholds of SiO2 Films Deposited From Sols
    George D., Lee A., Thomas I., Wilder J.

    Laser Induced Damage of Dielectric Phase Retardation Mirrors at 1.064 Microns
    Akhtar S., Ebert J., Ristau D.

    Amorphous Silicon for CO2 Laser Mirror Coatings
    Dutois F., Mouchart J., Pointu B., Villela G.

    A Study of Thin Film Growth in the ZrO2 - SiO2 System
    Chen H., Farabaugh E., Feldman A., Sun J., Sun Y.

    Admixture of SiO2 to Suppress TiO2 Crystallization
    Postek J., Robinson R., Schemmel T., She C., Sites J.

    Long-Range Pulselength Scaling of 351 nm Laser Damage Thresholds
    Foltyn S., Jolin L.

    Time to Failure in Single Pulse Laser Induced Damage in Thin Film Optical Coatings
    Boyer J.

    Thermal Conductivity of Dielectric Films and Correlation to Damage Threshold at 1064nm
    Akhtar S., Ebert J., Ristau D.

    Correlation of Damage Levels at 1.06μm Varying Modal Content and Irradiance History on Representative Coated Laser Optics
    Arenberg J., Frink M., Lee G., Mordaunt D., Seitel S., Teppo E.

    1064 nm and 350 nm Laser Damage Thresholds of High Index Oxide Films Deposited from Organic Solutions and Sols
    George D., Gonzales R., Thomas I., Wilder J.

    Fabrication of Fluoride Thin Films Using Ultra-High Vacuum Techniques
    Charlwood L., Chew N., Cullis A., Dosser O., Lewis K., Muirhead I., Pitt A., Wyatt-Davies T.

    Chemical Vapor Deposition of TiO2 Thin Films at Room Temperature
    Thomas I., Wilder J.

    Nondestructive Depth Profiling of Optically Transparent Films by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
    D'Aries L., Guenther A., Kim S., Vedam K.

    Application of Sol-Gel Coating to Slab Laser
    Hara K., Inazumi T., Izumitani T.

    Properties of IAD Single- and Multi-Layer Oxide Coatings
    McNally J., McNeil J., Williams F., Wilson S.

    Comparison of the Optical Properties of some High-Index Oxide Films prepared by Ion Beam Sputter Deposition with those of Electron Beam Evaporated Films
    Carniglia C., Pond B., Raj T., Schmell R.

    An Analysis of Rugate Filter Behavior
    Becker R.

    Damage Thresholds of Antireflection Coatings at 790 nm
    Boyer J., Foltyn S., Gallegos G.

    Photon Induced Desorption and Emission from Thin Film Dielectric Surfaces
    Guenther A., Kardach J., McIver J., Stewart A.

    The Effect of Layer Thickness Errors in the Design of Coatings with Reduced Electric Field Intensity
    Keller G.

    Wavelength Dependence of Laser-Induced Sputtering from the (111) Surface of BaF2
    Cooke W., Fallgren H., Matthias E., Reif J.

    Layer-Dependent Laser Sputtering of BaF2 (111)
    Fallgren H., Matthias E., Nielsen H., Reif J.

    Impact of Thermal Blooming on Laser Damage Measurement Accuracy
    Newnam B.

    Characterization of Calcium Fluoride Optical Surfaces
    Bender J., Carniglia C., Law M.

    An Investigation of Laser Processing of Silica Surfaces
    Exarhos G., Stewart A., Stowell W., Weber A.

    Spot Size Dependent Laser Materials Interactions Due to Surface Electromagnetic Waves
    Bass M., Fathe L., Kurtz R., Lin J., Swimm R.

    Super-Polished Single Crystal Molybdenum Mirror for XUV ∼ X-Ray Radiation
    Fujiwara E., Kato Y., Kurosawa K., Okamoto H., Sasaki W., Takeuchi K., Uehara K., Yamanaka C., Yamashita K., Yoshida K.

    Effect of Diamond Machining on Laser Damage Threshold of Germanium
    Charlwood L., Chew N., Cullis A., Dosser O., Lewis K., Mannion A.

    Damage Morphologies and Cumulative Behavior of Laser Damage on Single Crystal Metal Surfaces
    Becker M., Jee Y., Walser R.

    Scattering Distribution from Multilayer Mirrors -Theoretical Research of a Design for Minimum Losses
    Amra C.

    Initiation of Laser Induced Damage by Small Metallic Particles
    Becker W., Guenther A., McIver J.

    Some Comments On: Temperature Dependent Effects In Laser Induced Damage
    Guenther A., Lange M., McIver J.

    Laser Induced Damage Threshold Derived from Chaotic Electron Dynamics
    Becker W., Guenther A., McIver J.

    The Mechanism of Prebreakdown Nonlinear Energy Deposition From Intense Photon Fields at 532 nm in NaCl
    Braunlich P., Epifanov A., Jones S., Kelly P., Shen X.

    An Anomalous Absorption Model to Account for Accumulation in N-on-1 Damage in Si and GaAs
    Becker M., Shetty N., Walser R.

    A Model for Probing Small Absorption Changes During Multiple Pulse Laser-Induced Damage
    Kitriotis D.

    Nonlinear Absorption Initiated Avalanche Breakdown in Dielectric ZrO2
    Canto E., Mansour N., Soileau M., Van Stryland E.

    An Investigation of the Possibility that Laser-Induced Color Centers are Responsible for Multiple Pulse Damage
    Kitriotis D., Merkle L.

    Influence of Impurities and Defects on 1064 nm and 532 nm Damage in Quartz
    Bandyopadhyay P., Merkle L.

    Closing Remarks

    Appendix I: List of Attendees

    Committee: E13

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1028-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5032-4

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-4477-4

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