ASTM Insight SQC

Built specifically for the fuel and biofuels community, ASTM Insight SQC provides the tools every laboratory needs for comprehensive quality-control analytics, control charting, and audit preparation on one convenient online platform.

Easily identify trends and uncover inconsistencies in instruments and testing

ASTM Insight SQC will improve your ability to identify trends and spot issues immediately.

Whether you need to view performance across the entire organization or quickly inspect results from a specific instrument, this state-of-the-art program will help all your labs save time and function more efficiently.

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Stay organized with all your quality control data in one central place

Designed in conformance with ASTM D6299, this custom statistical quality control platform supports EPA Tier 3 and 40 CFR 1090 compliance and covers an array of instruments and multiple test parameters.

Simplify processes and avoid inconsistencies and errors in a secure online environment with standard features like:

  • automatic data upload

  • automated chart construction

  • automatic statistical calculations

  • automated assessment process

  • configurable control strategies

  • customizable dashboards for both individual and multiple labs

  • customized notifications

ASTM Insight SQC provides:

  • a comprehensive and straightforward user interface

  • easy-to-use data integration tools

  • automated assessment processes and notifications

  • an extensive dashboard for spotting issues and identification of trends

  • a comprehensive view of individual or multiple labs with customized management reports

  • sortable resolution tools for use by all analysts

What sets our SQC platform apart? Your lab will benefit from:

  • configurable auto-scheduling of QC Runs and auto-creation of rechecks

  • configurable control strategies

  • automated chart construction with automatic statistical calculations

  • automated flagging of warning violations and out of control violations

  • automatic email notifications of out-of-control situations

  • automated assessment process

  • easily retrievable assessment records to provide evidence of how control limits were established

  • management reports to help with audits

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