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At ASTM, we're partnering with organizations to provide the technical infrastructure you need to develop and promote your content in a fresh way. From collaboration and document development tools to unique subscription portals and expert technical and multimedia support, learn how you can use our established framework to improve your processes and move ahead in a busy marketplace.

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Custom Content and Development Solutions

Whether it's giving you instant access to all the information you need, promoting collaboration and development of your specifications, codes, and regulations, or ensuring compliance and market leadership for you and your products, ASTM has the solution.
ASTM SpecBuilder

Creating and publishing your internal documents has never been easier. Built on the same intelligent standards development platform we've fine-tuned through years of testing and refinements, ASTM SpecBuilder is the content management tool your organization needs to get and stay ahead.

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Subscription Portals and Your Content on ASTM Compass

Expand your digital footprint and promote your organization to a whole new audience when you feature your content on ASTM Compass. Or create your very own organizational subscription portal based on the dynamic and established Compass product - for your subscribers only.

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Video Services and Multimedia

Take advantage of a full suite of multimedia services to create high-level photos and videos to promote your products and educate stakeholders. From instructional videos and announcements to 3D renderings of your apparatuses, we’ll help provide the modern kind of content your stakeholders expect.

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