Test Method Assessment (TMA) Checklists

Assess and improve your lab’s overall performance with ASTM Test Method Assessment (TMA) Checklists. Developed and vetted by trusted industry experts, they are the competency assessment tool your lab has been missing.

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Competent Analysts = Accurate Results

Competency is key in every laboratory. But low budgets and high turnover can make it difficult to maintain consistent performance. Human error and lack of competency leads to high risk. And troubleshooting errors can be difficult for even the most experienced lab analysts.

Developing internal audit checklists can be time-consuming, costly, and hard to keep current. Our TMA Checklists are an optimal add-on to our existing test methods. Utilizing these custom evaluation tools is an excellent way to ensure your laboratory analysts, supervisors, and managers are always performing at the highest level.

Assess Performance, Validate Equipment, and Verify Results

Stop worrying about updating your internal audit checklists to keep up with changing test methods. You’ll receive editable documents, making it easy for you to embed your own requirements and policies as needed.

Plus our TMA checklists are updated along with the standard test method, ensuring you always have the most current information.

ASTM Test Method Assessment Checklists will help you:
  • verify a test is being run correctly in accordance with proper test method

  • verify a test is being run in accordance equipment operation manuals

  • confirm equipment to ensure it meets method requirements

  • review records to make sure equipment was calibrated correctly

  • verify calculations are being performed correctly

  • verify results are being reported correctly

Practical and Accessible for Any Assessor:

Our clear and easy-to-use TMAs do not need to be performed by only subject-matter experts. Any designated assessor can use our detailed competency checklists to:

  • minimize the volume of daily inaccurate test results

  • identify and resolve issues sooner

  • validate equipment conformance to test method requirements

  • alleviate the need to create internal documents

  • lower costs and analyst turnover rates

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