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Expert Content and Dynamic Tools to Help Save You Time and Resources

Providing you 24/7 online access to the content developed by ASTM’s worldwide network of experts, ASTM Compass® helps you ensure safety, improve quality, and gain a competitive advantage. Add your content, partner content, and more.

You’ll search and refine searches using your native language and quickly find the standards you need to use in your industry. Instantly access any of ASTM’s 12,000+ standards, as well as AASHTO, AATCC, Aenor, API, AWWA, CGA, IES, and UOP.

Combining these 12,000+ standards with 1,500+ books and 47,000+ articles and papers, Compass provides you one of the most comprehensive libraries of technical information available in the world. With tools to add notes, attachments, and even your own standards, you’ll be able to work smarter and faster.

ASTM Compass®: One Resource for All Your Content Needs


  • 12,000+ Standards
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Multiple Language Translations
  • Third-Party Content

Digital Library

  • 1,500+ Books
  • 15,000+ Journal Articles
  • 47,000+ Papers, Chapters, and Articles


  • Online and On-Demand Courses
  • Demonstration Videos, Checklists, and Self-Testing
  • Learning Management System

ASTM SpecBuilder

  • Develop Your Internal Specifications
  • Streamline Collaboration and Communication
  • Reference and Hyperlink Other Standards
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PinPoint Critical Data in Standards Using the NEW Compass Points!

Tag Parts of Standards: Collaborate, Propagate, Directing Your Teams to the Authoritative Source

Compass Points gives smart users the ability to pinpoint important components in standards, building a breadcrumb trail to that source data for multiple purposes—it’s an easy-to-adopt step towards smarter standards.

Data is growing exponentially in engineering and testing. We designed Compass Points to help you keep your standards data accurate and manageable. Easily add overlays, diffs, and exceptions to define and refine your requirements. Share a Compass Point with your colleagues in your LIMS, PLM, MBSE, and ERP workflows processes to always stay informed about key parts of standards. Keep projects on track despite evolving protocols.

Each Compass Point includes the standard publisher, standard number and title, creator’s contact, date, time plus notes and overlays. Users can name the Point to associate with a project code, part number, or process ID for easy retrieval. A spreadsheet view by standard and by account makes it easy to sort your standards data. Compass Points will always keep you informed when a standard is updated, reducing risk for your organization.

Preserve organizational knowledge

With a unique and permanent data ID, you’ll ensure information shared amongst colleagues is retained, protecting your organization against lost knowledge. Compass Points are kept in perpetuity for every version of standards from ASTM, ASME, API, AASHTO, ENs, and others.

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Version Comparison

Revolutionize the way you use your standards

Color-coded highlighting helps you instantly identify changes to standards, saving you time, money, and manpower. No need to manually review and compare documents. With the version comparison tool, users can quickly see any changes to a standard since its last publication.

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Standards Now Featuring Multimedia

Over 300 ASTM videos have been created by our dedicated team of multimedia professionals. Working closely alongside subject matter experts, the media team develops procedural videos for new and revised standards. Quickly onboard new staff to properly execute test methods. Retrain existing teams with changes to test procedures. Add videos to your ASTM Compass subscription today. See how videos in Compass work click here.

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Powerful Content Tools to Help You Work Smarter

Constant online access to technical knowledge

Never have out-of-date or missing documents. With instant access to content from ASTM, and many other standards organizations, plus robust workflow tools, you’ll use standards and related information more efficiently than ever.

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Why ASTM Compass®?

Get the Access You Need, When You Need It

Build a customized ASTM Compass® subscription to meet your needs and improve productivity with:

  • Easy access to the standards you choose
  • Tools for adding notes, images, and attachments
  • Sharing functions to help pass on and preserve corporate knowledge
  • Color-coded highlighting that identifies changes to standards
  • ASTM training modules
  • Access to the thousands of papers and books in the ASTM Standards & Engineering Digital Library
  • Translated standards
  • And more