Reference Materials

ASTM Reference Materials

Reduce risk, improve processes, and capture the accurate and precise data you need with ASTM International Reference Materials.

With access to a wide variety of petroleum products at multiple levels, our reference materials provide highly accurate reference values and with low uncertainty estimates.

Reference materials from ASTM International provide a cost-effective solution without sacrificing analytical accuracy – a must for any lab and equipment manufacturer or distributor.

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Wide Selection of Product Matrices and Test Methods

Our Reference Materials can be used to validate your instruments and to evaluate analyst performance.

Your laboratory will benefit from validated and controlled samples that have been tested for homogeneity and stability. Plus you’ll receive clear and concise certificates of analysis with full data on how the Accepted Reference Values (ARV) were established. Use the certificates of analysis for traceability purposes as well as guidance for establishing tolerance levels for testing validation.

Choose from a wide selection of product matrices and test methods for various properties at multiple levels, ensuring you receive the best reference materials to meet your laboratory’s quality assurance needs.

Popular options we offer include:

  • Gasoline Reference Materials to support precision and accuracy qualification demonstrations related to 40 CFR 1090, including RVP and benzene

  • Octane Number and Cetane Number Check Fuels

  • Distillation Reference Materials for atmospheric, vacuum, micro, simulated (sim-dist), and high-temperature simulated (HTSD) methods

  • Cold Flow Property Reference Materials for cloud point, pour point, cold filter plugging point (CFPP), and freeze point

  • Jet Fuel Check Reference Materials for JFTOT, MSEP, smoke point, aromatics, and more

Our always expanding collection also currently includes reference materials for:

  • Diesel Fuel

  • Fuel Ethanol

  • Biodiesel

  • Fuel Oil

  • Crude Oil

  • Naphtha

  • Mixed Xylene

  • Petroleum Wax

  • Engine Oil

  • Gear Oil

  • Base Oil

  • Engine Coolant

  • Hydraulic Fluids

  • Insulating Fluids

  • And much more

For the very latest list of all available ASTM Reference Materials, view our catalog.

Why ASTM Reference Materials?

  • Work with a trusted international standards provider

  • Receive only high-quality, validated samples

  • Improve precision and accuracy of testing

  • Promote confidence in your data with low estimates of uncertainty

  • Avoid product failures and resulting complaints

  • Reduce risk and increase production and efficiency

  • Improve ROI on equipment and decrease overall costs

  • Provide more experience for analysts and lab technicians

  • Demonstrate quality and boost credibility in the marketplace

  • Meet regulatory requirements

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