Compass Points

A premium tool that enables users to pinpoint important components in standards, building a trail back to the source.

Keep Projects on Track

Data is growing exponentially in industry. We designed Compass Points to help you keep order and assure data integrity.

Compass Points are created by users for many internal needs:

  • Every Compass Point is programmatically enhanced with useful metadata
  • Easily add overlays, diffs, departures, exceptions
  • Share your Compass Points with your colleagues to collaborate
  • Embed the links in your internal systems: e.g. LIMS, PLM, requirements management, and ERP
  • Name your Compass Points semantically according to project code, part number or process ID for easy retrieval

Eases data hunting during audits or lookbacks because you’ll always have a connection to the authoritative source through the Compass Points you have created.

A spreadsheet view by standard and by account makes it easy to sort your Compass Points data. For example, “see all the requirements captured in multiple standards for Project ABC in one view.” Compass Points will always keep you informed when a standard is updated, reducing risk for your organization.

Preserve organizational knowledge

With a unique and permanent data ID, you’ll ensure information shared amongst colleagues is retained, protecting your organization against lost knowledge. Compass Points are kept in perpetuity for every version of standards from ASTM, API, AASHTO, ENs, and others.

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