ASTM International Laboratory Services

Improve efficiency, optimize your capabilities, grow your business, and stay competitive in the laboratory industry.

From test methods and training to proficiency testing and data management, we provide cost-effective, integrated products and solutions for all types of labs.

Comprehensive Solutions for All Your Lab’s QA/QC Needs

We provide the tools and services you need to achieve your goals of laboratory certification, accreditation, and customer satisfaction.

With our suite of cost-saving services, ASTM has a comprehensive solution for managing and improving quality control across all your laboratory locations.

Get Standards Online with ASTM Compass®

Access thousands of the most up-to-date ASTM International test methods from any of your lab’s locations with the online standards platform ASTM Compass®.

Train with the Experts

Increase understanding of the ASTM test methods you rely on and earn CEUs with in-person and e-Learning courses from our subject-matter experts.

Boost Performance with Proficiency Testing

Improve proficiency, maintain accreditation, and compare with laboratories worldwide with 50+ ISO 17043 Accredited Proficiency Testing Programs.

Reduce Risk with Reference Materials

Validate equipment and test performance and establish analyst competence with Reference Materials featuring highly accurate reference values and low uncertainty estimates.

Manage Data, Increase Accuracy with Statistical Quality Control Tools

Get concise chart construction, automatic statistical calculations and notifications, and configurable control strategies in a secure online environment with ASTM Insight SQC.

Enhance Training and Increase Accuracy with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Get critical information your test methods may be missing, like detailed instructions on how to operate various equipment, with our always current SOPs.

Assess Performance and Verify Results with Test Method Assessment Checklists (TMAs)

Verify test performance and resolve issues sooner with clear and easy-to-use TMAs developed by the experts.

Develop Internal Documents with ASTM SpecBuilder

Collaborate with colleagues and create and maintain your lab’s internal practices, procedures, and other technical documents using ASTM SpecBuilder.