STP Published: 1996

Performance of Protective Clothing: Fifth Volume

Editor(s): James S. Johnson, S. Z. Mansdorf

This fully-illustrated publication addresses a wide range of technical areas. 37 peer-reviewed papers are presented in the following sections:

• Physical Test Methods for Protective Clothing and Components

• Chemical and Biological Test Method Development and Applications

• Protective Clothing Issues Relating to Pesticides

• Protective Clothing Testing and Evaluation

• Protective Clothing Program Management

• Protective Clothing Standards and Regulations

• Thermal Test Method Development and Applications.

For safety directors, industrial hygienists, health physicists, occupational physicians, occupational nurses, fire fighters, fire chiefs, emergency medical technicians.Also for chemists (research and teachers), chemical technicians, medical technicians, and environmental professionals and technicians.

Table of Contents

RI Woods

J Lara, D Turcot, R Daigle, J Boutin

J Lara, D Turcot, R Daigle, F Payot

RI Woods

RI Woods

J Arteau, J-F Arcand, D Turcot

JO Stull, TC Greimel

AM Placencia, JT Peeler

JO Stull

TM Wick, AF Flaherty

ME Carr, MA Koals, MT Vandersall

MM Hussain, JF Tremblay-Lutter

BL Lee, TW Yang, KD Hassler, E Wilusz

C Milikin, BG Oakland, MD Hurwitz

S Sun, BG Oakland, RB Dodd

Y Yang, S Li

BG Oakland, CJ Kim, DJ Schabacker, R Ross

HM Perkins, KB Rigakis, M-A Armour, EM Crown, N Kerr

SK Obendorf, JF Stone, RC Derksen, V Ravichandran, CW Coffman, Y Koh, JP Sanderson, HM Stahr

WW Olson

MS Weder, T Zimmerli, RM Rossi

RM Rossi, T Zimmerli

AV Bray, JO Stull

JF Tremblay-Lutter, JQ Lang, D Pichette

PS Adams, WM Keyserling

RL Barker, BJ Scruggs

I Shalev, RL Barker, SP Hersh, SM Maini, BJ Scruggs, VK Sood, A Tosti, PA Tucker, G Wu

I Holmér, H Nilsson, H Meinander

JF Tremblay-Lutter, SJ Weihrer

JDA Abeysekera, K Bergquist

H Mäkinen, R Ilmarinen, B Griefahn, C Künemund

JO Stull, M Connor, CA Heath

MW Sinofsky, JO Stull, CR Dodgen

JO Stull, CR Dodgen, MB Connor, RT McCarthy

SP Ashdown, SM Watkins

K Slater

SZ Mansdorf

RM Laing, CA Wilson, SW Marshall

KP Jung

JO Stull, KG Thompson, N Vahdat

T Zimmerli

JO Stull, MB Connor, RT McCarthy

RL Barker, AJ Geshury, WP Behnke

J Halin, J Mulligan, H Hamouda, R Barker, A Soroka

R Grimes, JC Mulligan, H Hamouda, R Barker, AJ Soroka

TM Capecci, CB Swavely

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