Semiconductor Measurement Technology: Spreading Resistance Symposium

    Ehrstein James
    Published: 1974

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    Table of Contents

    Discussion Session

    Concluding Remarks
    Langer P.

    Welcoming Remarks at the ASTM/NBS Symposium on Spreading Resistance Measurements Gaithersburg, Maryland June 13, 1974
    French J.

    Welcoming Remarks from ASTM
    Scace R.

    Keynote Address Symposium on Spreading Resistance Gaithersburg, Maryland June 13–14, 1974
    Mazur R.

    The Physics of Spreading Resistance Measurements
    Fonash S.

    Formal Comparison of Correction Formulae for Spreading Resistance Measurements on Layered Structures
    Severin P.

    Two-Point Probe Correction Factors
    Dickey D.

    On the Validity of Correction Factors applied to Spreading Resistance Measurements on Bevelled Structures
    Pinchon P.

    SRPROF, A Fast and Simple Program for Analyzing Spreading Resistance Profile Data
    Langer P., Morris B., White J.

    Multilayer Analysis of Spreading Resistance Measurements
    Lee G.

    An Automated Spreading Resistance Test Facility
    White J.

    Angle-Bevelling Silicon Epitaxial Layers, Technique and Evaluation
    Severin P.

    Spreading Resistance Measurements on Silicon with Non-blocking Aluminum-Silicon Contacts
    Krausse J.

    The Preparation of Bevelled Surfaces for Spreading Resistance Probing by Diamond Grinding and Laser Measurement of Bevel Angles
    Mayer A., Shwartzman S.

    Spreading Resistance Correction Factors for (111) and (100) Surfaces
    Murrmann H., Sedlak F.

    On the Calibration and Performance of a Spreading Resistance Probe
    Ruiz H., Voltmer F.

    Comparison of the Spreading Resistance Probe with other Silicon Characterization Techniques
    Lee G., Schroen W., Voltmer F.

    Preparation of a Lightly Loaded, Close-Spaced Spreading Resistance Probe and its Application to the Measurement of Doping Profiles in Silicon
    Deines J., Gorey E., Michel A., Poponiak M.

    A Direct Comparison of Spreading Resistance and MOS-CV Measurements of Radial Resistivity Inhomogeneities on PICTUREPHONE® Wafers
    Edwards J., Nigh H.

    Investigations on Local Oxygen Distribution in Silicon Single Crystals by Means of Spreading Resistance Technique
    Vieweg-Gutberlet F.

    Use of the Spreading Resistance Probe for the Characterization of Microsegregation in Silicon Crystals
    Ruiz H., Voltmer F.

    Effects of Oxygen and Gold on Silicon Power Devices
    Assour J.

    The Evaluation of Thin Silicon Layers by Spreading Resistance Measurements
    Gruber G., Pfeifer R.

    Evaluation of the Effective Epilayer Thickness by Spreading Resistance Measurement
    Murrmann H., Sedlak F.

    The Experimental Investigation of Two-Point Spreading Resistance Correction Factors for Diffused Layers
    D'Aiello R., Goldsmith N., Sunshine R.

    Application of the Spreading Resistance Technique to Silicon Characterization for Process and Device Modeling
    Schroen W.

    Improved Surface Preparation For Spreading Resistance Measurements on p-type Silicon
    Ehrstein J.


    Committee: F01

    DOI: 10.1520/STP572-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-6938-8

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-6661-5

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