STP Published: 2000

Performance of Protective Clothing: Issues and Priorities for the 21st Century: Seventh Volume

Editor(s): Cherilyn N. Nelson,Norman W. Henry

40 international papers address emerging technologies and issues in six areas:

• New developments in protective clothing materials and finishes,

• Predication of performance or useful lifetime of protective clothing,

• Thermal protective assessment as determined by bench and manikin techniques,

• Barrier properties of protective clothing materials against biological hazards,

• The effect of use factors such as compression on protective properties,

• Heat stress and comfort in thermal protective clothing.

These issues will influence worker safety beyond the year 2000 and also reflect broader concerns such as the need for continued international development of standards and the importance of protective clothing to defending against chemical, biological and radiological warfare.

Table of Contents

BH Pause

CA Cobbs

R Barker, C Guerth, W Behnke, M Bender

M Dever, TC Mueller, JF Schneider, AR Womac

TR Carroll

J Lara, S Massé, R Daigle, D Turcot

MG McCord, JZ Brown, AS Deaton, RL Barker

RH McQueen, RM Laing, BE Niven, J Webster

DA Torvi, GV Hadjisophocleous

DB Warheit, MA Hartsky, KL Reed

MA Hartsky, KL Reed, DB Warheit

I Shalev, RL Barker, MG McCord, PA Tucker, BR Lisk

CR Dodgen, DJ Gohlke, JO Stull, M Williams

EA McCullough, PW Johnson, H Shim

PO Ukpabi, SK Obendorf

T Zimmerli

RM Rossi, WP Bolli

DJ Prezant, RL Barker, M Bender, KJ Kelly

CS Kim, EA McCullough

BL Dart, SK Obendorf

SM Taylor, CJ Kim, J Lombardi, SM Lea

L Chen, RM Cloud

MG McCord, K Birla, RL Barker

JO Stull

M Dever, D Tu, WT Davis

A Shaw, R Nomula, B Patel

C Guo, JF Stone, HM Stahr, MC Shelley

NW Henry

G Perron, TN Banh, L Pelletier, JE Desnoyers, J Lara

JD Dale, M Ackerman, BM Crown, D Hess, R Tucker, E Bitner

JM Waller, JH Williams

MG McCord, AS Deaton, RL Barker

TW Yang, BL Lee, HT Hahn, E Wilusz

M Raheel, GX Dai

JO Stull, RM Duffy

HS Yoo, G Sun, N Pan

R Barker, L Myhre, B Scruggs, I Shalev, C Prahsarn, T Miszko

L Myhre, R Barker, B Scruggs, I Shalev, C Prahsarn, T Miszko

M Rucker, E Anderson, A Kangas

JO Stull

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