STP Published: 1997

M3D III: Mechanics and Mechanisms of Material Damping

Editor(s): Alan Wolfenden, Vikram K. Kinra

STP 1304 contains the latest research results on the fundamentals and applications of techniques for measuring and interpreting damping in all types of solids.

The world’s leading experts in the field have presented 28 comprehensive papers covering various aspects of damping, including both fundamental research and technological applications. Topics explored include: Nonlinear effects of boundaries; • Viscoelastic damping; • Grain boundary damping; • High temperature damping; • Ceramics; • Martensitic and solid-liquid phase changes; • Magnetomechanical damping; • Elastothermodynamic damping; • Layered and intercalated materials; • Modeling; and • Longitudinal and flexural vibrations.

Table of Contents

A Wolfenden, VK Kinra

B Cao, W Benoit, R Schaller

SB Kustov, SN Golyandin

J Lu, DC Van Aken, HP Leighly

CB Smith, NM Wereley

DN Beshers

SB Kustov, JV Humbeeck, I Hurtado, SN Golyandin, R De Batist

A Karimi, PH Giauque, JL Martin

A Lakki, R Schaller

W Hermann, HG Sockel

VI Alshits, EV Darinskaya, OL Kazakova, EY Mikhina, EA Petrzhik

IB Chudakov, IS Golovin

IS Golovin, RV Zharkov, SA Golovin

LB Magalas, KL Ngai

VA Udovenko, IB Chudakov, NA Polyakova

A Wolfenden, KJ Bauer, PB Kury, KA Oliver, PJ Rynn, JJ Petrovic, M Singh

BL Cheng, M Gabbay, G Fantozzi

RM Crane, CP Ratcliffe

BK Kardashev, SN Golyandin, SB Kustov, SP Nikanorov, P Devos, J Cornelis, R De Batist

I Suzuki

IS Golovin, MS Blanter, A Mourisco, R Schaller

J Lu, DC Van Aken

D Gelli, E Olzi

J Zhang, RJ Perez, EJ Lavernia

GM Kamath, NM Wereley

SG Cupschalk

S Laddha, DC Van Aken

H Numakura, M Koiwa

MS Blanter, EV Kolesnikov

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DOI: 10.1520/STP1304-EB
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