Compression Response of Composite Structures

    Groves SE, Highsmith AL
    Published: 1994

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    In the past, most of the literature on the compressive behavior of composites focused on composite response at the material level. In contrast, these have been few papers on the performance of composite structures subjected to compressive loads. STP 1185 provides this information by emphasizing composite structural response. 20 peer-reviewed papers cover: compression analysis • structural applications and performance • effects of constituents and mircomechanics • compression fatigue and lifetime assessment of properties • and compression test methods.

    Table of Contents

    Groves S., Highsmith A.

    Stability Analysis of Thick-Section Composite Cylinders Under Hydrostatic Pressure Including Three-Dimensional Effects and Nonlinear Material Response
    Bonanni D.

    Application of a New Micromechanics-Based Homogenization Technique for Nonlinear Compression of Thick-Section Laminates
    Pecknold D., Rahman S.

    Creep Buckling of Asymmetric Laminated Beam Columns
    Vinogradov A.

    Effects of Layer Waviness on the Compression Response of Laminates
    Adams D., Hyer M.

    Effects of Layer Waviness on the Stresses and Failure in Hydrostatically Loaded Cylinders
    Brown T., Hyer M.

    Design, Analysis, and Hydrotesting of a Composite-Aluminum Cylinder Joint for Pressure-Hull Applications
    Andersen S., Gillespie J., Kodokian G., Lamontia M., Newan K., Olson B., Sloan J.

    A Shear Deflection Theory for Analysis of End Plugs for External Pressure Tests of Composite Cylinders
    Blake H., Starbuck J.

    The Effect of Assembly Fit-Up Gaps on the Compression Response of Thick-Section Carbon/Epoxy Composites
    Bohlmann R., Camponeschi E., Carr T., Hall J.

    Failure of Thick Composite Cylinders Subjected to External Hydrostatic Pressure
    Blake H., Starbuck J.

    The Effects of Constituent Properties on the Compression Strength of Advanced Composites
    Crasto A., Kim R.

    Experiments to Reveal the Role of Matrix Properties and Composite Microstructure in Longitudinal Compression Strength
    Sternstein S., Yurgartis S.

    The Role of Fiber, Matrix, and Interphase in the Compressive Static and Fatigue Behavior of Polymeric Matrix Composite Laminates
    Elmore J., Lesko J., Reifsnider K., Swain R.

    A Global and Local Investigation of Compressive Strength to Determine the Influence of the Fiber/Matrix Interphase
    Case S., Dillard D., Elmore J., Lesko J., Reifsnider K., Swain R.

    Compression Response of a Fatigue-Loaded Composite Hip Prosthesis
    Lee S., Liao K., Reifsnider K.

    Compression-Compression Fatigue of a Stitched Uniwoven Graphite/Epoxy Composite
    Masters J., Morris D., Poe C., Vandermey N.

    Compressive Static and Fatigue Loading of Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Composites
    Schulte K.

    Composite Compressive Strength Prediction Using a Nonhomogeneous Foundation Model
    Reifsnider K., Xu Y.

    An Extrapolation Method for the Evaluation of Compression Strength of Laminated Composites
    Knight M., Tan S.

    Analysis of a Miniature Sandwich Compression Specimen
    Crasto A., Kim R., Yum Y.

    Failure Criteria and Damage Mechanisms of G-10 Woven Laminates with Cutouts Under Biaxial Compressive Deformation
    Socie D., Wang J.

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    Committee: D30

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1185-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5264-9

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1499-9

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