Testing Technology of Metal Matrix Composites

    Adsit NR, DiGiovanni PR

    Pages: 439

    Published: 1988

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    Twenty-eight papers cover material systems from the continuous silicon carbon/titanium system to the particulate reinforced aluminum systems. Focuses on the need to obtain accurate and reliable test data. Current testing methodologies are defined and described.

    Table of Contents


    Adsit N.

    Thermal-Mechanical Fatigue Test Apparatus for Metal Matrix Composites and Joint Attachments
    Petrasek D., Westfall L.

    Compressive Properties and Laser Absorptivity of Unidirectional Metal Matrix Composites
    Chang D., Hanna W., Izaguirre F., Steckel G.

    Mechanical Behavior of Three-Dimensional Braided Metal Matrix Composites
    Chou T., Majidi A., Yang J.

    An Evaluation of the Failure Behavior of 3-D Braided FP/Aluminum-Lithium Composites Under Static and Dynamic Blanking
    Ko F., Razavi A., Rogers H.

    Factors Affecting the Determination of Thermophysical Properties of Metal Matrix Composites
    Smith S., Tye R.

    Pressure Dependence of the Elastic Constants of Silicon Carbide/2014 Aluminum Composite
    Dandekar D., Frankel J., Korman W.

    Micromechanical Modeling of Yielding and Crack Propagation in Unidirectional Metal Matrix Composites
    Adams D.

    Statistical Strength Comparison of Metal-Matrix and Polymeric-Matrix Composites
    Chou S., Wu E.

    Minimechanics Analysis and Testing of Short Fiber Composites: Experimental Methods and Results
    Awerbuch J., Buesking K., Goering J.

    Minimechanics Analysis and Testing of Short Fiber Composites: Analytical Model and Data Correlation
    Awerbuch J., Buesking K., Goering J.

    A Unique Set of Micromechanics Equations for High-Temperature Metal Matrix Composites
    Chamis C., Hopkins D.

    Thermoviscoplastic Nonlinear Constitutive Relationships for Structural Analysis of High-Temperature Metal Matrix Composites
    Chamis C., Hopkins D.

    Development of Design Allowables for Metal Matrix Materials
    Harmsworth C.

    Anelastic and Elastic Measurements in Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites
    Harmouche M., Hayes S., Wolfenden A.

    Noncontact Ultrasonic Evaluation of Metal Matrix Composite Plates and Tubes
    Reed R.

    Nondestructive Evaluation of Fiber FP Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites
    Conner R., McCabe D., Widrig J.

    Thermal Expansion Measurements of Metal Matrix Composites
    Dries G., Tompkins S.

    Alternative Methods for the Determination of Shear Modulus in a Composite Material
    Browne C.

    Fracture Toughness of Thin-Walled Cylinders Fabricated from Discontinuous Silicon Carbide Whiskers/Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites
    Jennings J., Raymond L.

    Deformation and Failure Characteristics of Center-Notched Unidirectional Boron/Aluminum at Room and Elevated Temperatures
    Awerbuch J., Koczak M., Madhukar M.

    Mechanical Behavior of Silicon Carbide/2014 Aluminum Composite
    Chou S., Green J., Swanson R.

    Compressive Testing of Metal Matrix Composites
    Bethoney W., Kidd J., Nunes J.

    Elevated Temperature Testing of Metal Matrix Composites Under Rapid Heating Conditions
    Baetz J., Frankle R.

    Short-Term High-Temperature Properties of Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites
    Boland P., DiGiovanni P., Franceschi L.

    Ultrasonic Inspection of Silicon Carbide Reinforced Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite Billets and Secondary Fabricated Products
    Blue P.

    Influence of Heat Treatments and Working on Mechanical Properties of Silicon Carbide Reinforced Aluminum Alloys
    Balladon P., Chevet F., De Coquereaumont M., Heritier J., Rambaud J.

    Characterization of Thin-Wall Graphite/Metal Pultruded Tubing
    Francini R.

    On the Longitudinal and Transverse Tensile Strength and Work of Fracture of a Continuous Fiber Metal Matrix Composite Subjected to Thermal Exposure
    Hall I., Kyono T., Taya M.

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    Committee: D30

    Paper ID: STP964-EB

    DOI: 10.1520/STP964-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5038-6

    ISBN-PRINT: 978-0-8031-0967-4

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