Delamination and Debonding of Materials

    Johnson WS
    Published: 1985

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    Discusses the analysis, testing, and detection of the delamination of composite materials and the debonding of adhesive joints. 25 papers examine stress analysis, mechanical behavior, and fractography/NDI.

    Table of Contents

    Johnson W.

    Johnson W.

    A Dynamic Hybrid Finite-Element Analysis for Interfacial Cracks in Composites
    Kuo A., Wang S.

    A Simple Model to Simulate the Interlaminar Stresses Generated Near the Free Edge of a Composite Laminate
    Conti P., De Paulis A.

    A New Ply Model for Interlaminar Stress Analysis
    Rehfield L., Valisetty R.

    Analysis of Interlaminar Stresses in Thick Composite Laminates With and Without Edge Delamination
    Raju I., Whitcomb J.

    Energy Release Rate During Delamination Crack Growth in Notched Composite Laminates
    Adams D., Mahishi J.

    Evaluation of Tensile Tests for Adhesive Bonds
    Anderson G., DeVries K., Sharon G.

    Delamination Crack Growth in Composite Laminates
    Bucinell R., Slomiana M., Wang A.

    Delamination Growth in a Notched Graphite/Epoxy Laminate Under Compression Fatigue Loading
    Blom A., Carlsson L., Gustavsson A., Mohlin T.

    A Fracture Mechanics Approach for Designing Adhesively Bonded Joints
    Johnson W., Mall S.

    Fatigue Thresholds of Delamination Crack Growth in Orthotropic Graphite/Epoxy Laminates
    Gradin P., Gustafson C., Jilkèn L.

    Delamination Threshold and Loading Effect in Fiber Glass Epoxy Composite
    Bathias C., Laksimi A.

    Designing to Minimize Peel Stresses in Adhesive-Bonded Joints
    Hart-Smith L.

    Repeatability of Mixed-Mode Adhesive Debonding
    Everett R., Johnson W.

    Analysis of Local Delaminations and Their Influence on Composite Laminate Behavior
    O'Brien T.

    A Modified Free-Edge Delamination Specimen
    Knight M., Whitney J.

    Characterization of Mode I and Mixed-Mode Delamination Growth in T300/5208 Graphite/Epoxy
    Ramkumar R., Whitcomb J.

    Effects of Strain Rate on Delamination Fracture Toughness of Graphite/Epoxy
    Aliyu A., Daniel I.

    Moisture and Temperature Effects on the Mixed-Mode Delamination Fracture of Unidirectional Graphite/Epoxy
    Russell A., Street K.

    The Use of Stitching to Suppress Delamination in Laminated Composites
    Mignery L., Sun C., Tan T.

    Matrix Deformation and Fracture in Graphite-Reinforced Epoxies
    Bradley W., Cohen R.

    Fractography and Fracture Criteria of the Delamination Process
    M B., T J.

    Role of Delamination and Damage Development on the Strength of Thick Notched Laminates
    Harris C., Morris D.

    Monitoring Fatigue Damage in CFRP Using Acoustic Emission and Radiographic Techniques
    C-G G., RB S.

    Quantification of the “Tapping” Technique for the Detection of Edge Defects in Laminated Plates
    Jing H., Kenner V., Staab G.

    Thermographic Inspection of Carbon Epoxy Structures
    Hillman D., Hillman R.


    Committee: D30

    DOI: 10.1520/STP876-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4941-0

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0414-3

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