Atmospheric Corrosion of Metals

    Dean SW, Rhea EC
    Published: 1982

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    The compilation of papers provides a good cross section of the state of the art in atmospheric corrosion. Some of the topics addressed include the behavior of engineering materials, weathering steels, metals with metallic coatings, monitoring atmospheric exposure sites, and laboratory tests and their correlation with atmospheric corrosion.

    Table of Contents

    Dean S., Rhea E.




    Dean S., Rhea E.

    Atmospheric Corrosion of Weathering Steels
    Honzák J., Knotková-Čermáková D., Vlčková J.

    Eight-Year Atmospheric Corrosion Performance of Weathering Steel in Industrial, Rural, and Marine Environments
    Townsend H., Zoccola J.

    General, Localized, and Stress-Corrosion Resistance of a Series of Copper Alloys in Natural Atmospheres
    Castillo A., Popplewell J.

    Atmospheric Corrosion Tests of Copper and Copper Alloys in Sweden—16-Year Results
    Holm R., Mattsson E.

    Atmospheric Corrosion of Copper Alloys Exposed for 15 to 20 Years
    Costas L.

    Aluminum Alloy Performance in Industrial Air-Cooled Applications
    Johnson A., May R., Wheeler K.

    Effect of 1 Percent Copper Addition on Atmospheric Corrosion of Rolled Zinc After 20 Years' Exposure
    Dunbar S., Showak W.

    Atmospheric Corrosion Test Results for Metallic-Coated Steel Panels Exposed in 1960
    Tonini D.

    Corrosion Performance of Decorative Electrodeposited Nickel and Nickel-Iron Alloy Coatings
    Baker E., DiBari G., Hawks G.

    Comments on the Corrosion Performance of Decorative Nickel-Iron Coatings
    Clauss R.

    Corrosion Aggressivity of Atmospheres (Derivation and Classification)
    Bartoň K., Knotková-Čermáková D.

    Calibration of Atmospheric Corrosion Test Sites
    Baker E., Lee T.

    Measurement of the Time-of-Wetness by Moisture Sensors and Their Calibration
    Croll S., Sereda P., Slade H.

    Evaluation of the Effects of Microclimate Differences on Corrosion
    Haynie F.

    Reproducbility of Electrochemical Measurements of Atmospheric Corrosion Phenomena
    Fertig K., Jeanjaquet S., Mansfeld F., Meyer E., Ogden C., Tsai S.

    Prediction at Long Terms of the Atmospheric Corrosion of Structural Steels from Short-Term Experimental Data
    Bonnarens H., Bragard A.

    Effect of Atmospheric Pollutant Gases on the Formation of Corrosive Condensate on Aluminum
    Byrne S., Miller A.

    Accelerated Atmospheric-Corrosion Testing
    Chang F., Keppler E., Khobaib M., Lynch C.


    Committee: G01

    DOI: 10.1520/STP767-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-4832-1

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-0702-1

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