Field Instrumentation for Soil and Rock

    Durham GN, Marr WA
    Published: 1999

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    Nearly 30 papers feature the latest information on field instrumentation for soil and rock

    Three major areas addressed include: • Geotechnical Instrumentation of Landfills; • Instrumentation for Project Cost Management, • and Field Data Acquisitions and Data Management.

    Two papers address the geotechnical instrumentation aspects of the Central Artery/Tunnel Project in Boston, Massachusetts, while other papers address topics such as, culverts and buried pipe, instrumenting corrugated pipe, instrumentation of geogrid used in a reinforced slope, geotechnical instrumentation of landfills and more.

    Table of Contents

    Comparison of Horizontal Load Transfer Curves for Laterally Loaded Piles from Strain Gages and Slope Inclinometer: A Case Study
    Anderson B., Pinto P., Townsend F.

    An Instrumented Geogrid Reinforced Slope in Central Italy: Field Measurements and FEM Analysis Results
    Montanelli F., Recalcati P., Rimoldi P.

    Uses of Automated Geotechnical Instrumentation Systems
    Marr W.

    Instrumentation and Long Term Monitoring of a Soil Nailed Slope at Madeira Walk, Exmouth, UK
    Barley A., Davies M., Jones A.

    Instrumentation for Monitoring Large-Span Culverts
    McGrath T., Selig E., Webb M.

    Measurement of Earth Pressures on Concrete Box Culverts under Highway Embankments
    Bennett R., Drumm E., Mauldon M., Yang M.

    Instrumentation for Monitoring Buried Pipe Behavior During Backfilling
    McGrath T., Selig E., Webb M.

    Monitoring Pavement Response and Performance Using In-Situ Instrumentation
    Bilyeu J., Chen D., Hugo F.

    Apparatus and Method for Field Calibration of Nuclear Surface Density Gauges
    Gilbert A., Regimand A.

    Two Weight System for Measuring Depth and Sediment in Slurry-Supported Excavations
    Deming P., Good D.

    A Comparison of Portable and Permanent Landfill Liner Leak Detection Systems
    Barker R., Taylor S., White C.

    Instrumentation of Dredge Spoil for Landfill Construction
    Alexander R., Byle M., Langer J., McCullough M., Vasuki N.

    Field Measurements of Frost Penetration into a Landfill Cover that uses a Paper Sludge Barrier
    LaPlante C., Moo-Young H., Quiroz J., Zimmie T.

    Stability Monitoring System for the Fresh Kills Landfill in New York City
    Khoury M., Napolitano R., Rosenfarb J., Thomann T.

    Field Measurement of Water Contents and Densities by Nuclear Methods in Clay Deposits
    Silvestri V.

    Monitoring Preload Performance
    Lawrence C., Paddock M., Ross D., Russell J.

    Instrumentation for Slope Stability - Experience from an Urban Area
    Chowdhury R., Flentje P.

    Remote Field Methods to Measure Frost Depth
    Benson C., Bosscher P.

    Integrated Automation of the New Waddell Dam Performance Data Acquisition System
    Fields P., Welch L.

    Using Geomatics in the Acquisition and Management of Field Data
    Brokaw W.

    Documentation of Data Collected from Field Instrumentation for Spatial Applications
    Hansen D.

    Data Acquisition and Management for Geotechnical Instrumentation on the Central Artery/Tunnel Project
    Hawkes M., Marr W.

    Data Management System for Organic Soil
    Stinnette P.

    Review of GIS Developments in Geotechnical Instrumentation on the Central Artery/Tunnel Project, Boston, Massachusetts
    Bobrow D., Vaghar S.

    Use of Tensiometer for In Situ Measurement of Nitrate Leaching
    Li K., Reddy M.

    Compaction Comparison Testing Using a Modified Impact Soil Tester and Nuclear Density Gauge
    Erchul R.

    Selecting Surface Geophysical Methods for Geological, Hydrological, Geotechnical, and Environmental Investigations: The Rationale for the ASTM Provisional Guide
    Benson R., Saunders W., Snelgrove F., Soloyanis S.

    The Key Role of Monitoring in Controlling the Construction of the New Jubilee Line between Waterloo and Westminster, London
    Osborne N.

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    Committee: D18

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1358-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5405-6

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-2604-6

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