Waste Testing and Quality Assurance: Second Volume

    Friedman D
    Published: 1990

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    Follows the progress and major developments in waste testing, environmental monitoring, and related quality assurance. 33 papers highlight:

    • waste and environmental media sampling

    • property and hazard assessment

    • chemical and biological analysis

    • estimating migration of hazardous constituents from wastes

    • analytical methods laboratory data management

    • quality assurance.

    Table of Contents

    Comparison of TOX and GC/MS Data for RCRA Groundwater Monitoring Well Samples
    Lillian D., Mason R., Pruskin S., Voo L.

    Procedures Used to Measure the Amount of 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-Dioxin (2,3,7,8-TCDD) in the Ambient Air Near a Superfund Site Clean-up Operation
    Babb T., Bates D., Fairless B., Holloway T., Hudson J., Kleopfer R., Morey D.

    Review of Studies Concerning Effects of Well Casing Materials on Trace Measurements of Organic Compounds
    Dowd R.

    Canister-Based Samplers for Volatile Organics
    McClenny W., Pleil J.

    Profile of Volatile Organic Chemicals in Nassau County Groundwater
    Adamski J., Lichtman A., Moon S.

    Direct Determination of Part-per-Billion Levels of Volatile Organics in Water and Soil Samples Using Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry
    Guerin M., Wise M.

    Utility of Immunoassay for Trace Analysis of Environmental Contaminants
    Van Emon J.

    Assessment of the Microscreen Phage-Induction Assay for Screening Hazardous Wastes
    DeMarini D., Houk V.

    Toxicological Assessment of Hazardous Waste Samples Extracted with Deionized Water or Sodium Acetate (TCLP) Leaching Media
    Greene J., Miller W., Peterson S.

    Application of a Simple Short-Term Bioassay for the Identification of Genotoxins from Hazardous Wastes
    Acedo G., Sandhu S.

    Statistical Approaches to Screening Hazardous Waste Sites for Toxicity
    Athey L., Skalski J., Thomas J.

    Utility of In Situ Assays for Detecting Environmental Pollutants
    Lower W., Sandhu S., Thomas M.

    Evaluation and Validation of Protocols for Measurement of the Mutagenicity of Environmental Samples
    Flessel C., Marsden P., Wang Y., Williams L.

    Performance of the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure
    Blackburn W., Hansen G., Newcomer L.

    The Impact of Particle Size on TCLP Extraction of Cement-Stabilized Metallic Wastes
    Garvey W., Prange N.

    Mobilization of Volatile Toxic Components from Petroleum Product-Contaminated Soils by TCLP
    Blevins D., King C., Romeu A., Soutor N.

    Evaluation of SW-846 Cold-Vapor Mercury Methods 7470 and 7471
    Beckert W., Churchwell M., Livingston R., Messman J., Sgontz D., Wallace G.

    Validation of Methods for Determining Elements in Solid Waste by Microwave Digestion
    Binstock D., Gaskill A., Grohse P., Kingston H., Luk K., Sellers C., Swift P.

    Development and Evaluation of Analytical Techniques for Total Chlorine in Used Oils and Oil Fuels
    Estes E., Friedman P., Gaskill A., Hardison D.

    Results of an Interlaboratory Study of ICP-AES Method 6010 with Digestion Method 3050
    Biesiada J., Campana J., Hinners T., Hodge V., Jones C., Schoengold D., Starks T.

    Determination of Extractable Organic Halides in Soils and Oily Wastes by Pyrolysis/Microcoulometric Titration
    Lieu V., Woo V.

    Sample Preparation for the Analysis of Cyanides in Solid Wastes
    Ritzert C.

    Evaluation of Microwave Techniques to Prepare Solid and Hazardous Waste for Elemental Analysis
    Binstock D., Copeland T., Friedman P., Gaskill A., Grohse P., Swift P.

    Determination of Formaldehyde in Samples of Environmental Origin
    Bicking M., Cooke W., Kawahara F., Longbottom J.

    Comparison of Capillary and Packed Column Analysis for Volatile Organics by GCMS
    Clark R., Zalikowski J.

    Preparation of Radioactive “Mixed” Waste Samples for Measurement of RCRA Organic Compounds
    Caton J., Tomkins B.

    Portable Test Method for the Detection of Halides in Used Oil
    Finch S., Minucci D.

    A Comparison Between Thermospray and Particle Beam LC/MS for Environmental Applications
    Apffel A., Goodley P.

    Development of an Environmental Monitoring Technique Using Synchronous Excitation (SE) Fluorescence Spectroscopy
    Frank U., Stainken D.

    Establishing an Analytical Manual for Petroleum and Gasoline Products for New Jersey's Environmental Programs
    Miller M., Stainken D.

    Automation of Regional Data Validation
    Homsher M., Olivero R., Petty J., Shumann C.

    Preparation of Natural Matrix Type Samples for Performance Evaluation of Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Contract Laboratories
    Clements H., Klosterman D., Loebker R.

    Data Consolidation and Reporting for the Analytical Laboratory
    Low N.

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    Committee: D34

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1062-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5123-9

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1293-3

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