Laser Induced Damage in Optical Materials: 1985

    Bennett HE, Guenther AH, Milam D, Newnam BE
    Published: 1988

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    Contains papers presented at the Seventeenth Symposium on Optical Materials for High-Power Lasers. Divided into the following topics; Materials and Measurements; Mirrors and Surfaces; Thin Films; and Fundamental Mechanisms.

    Table of Contents

    Laser Photoconductivity in Alkali Halides
    Epifanov A.

    Analysis of Optical Surfaces by Laser Ionization Mass Spectrometry: Spatial Variation of the Laser Damage Threshold and its Relationship to Polishing Compound Incorporation
    Siekhaus W.

    CO2 Laser-Induced Air Breakdown Near Metal Mirror Surfaces
    Konov V.

    Laser-Induced Damage in Optical Materials Seventeenth ASTM Symposium October 28–30, 1985

    A Versatile Laser Glass Inspection and Damage Testing Facility
    Campbell J., Chaffee P., Greiner G., Grens J., Hildum J., Marion J., Milam D., Weinzapfel C., Winfree S.

    Computer-Controlled Facility for Laser Switching and Damage Testing
    Chivian J., Cotten W., Fuller D., Hemphill R., Scott M.

    Damage Testing in Optics Production and Procurement
    Seitel S., Teppo E.

    A Computer Automated Laser Damage Laboratory
    Foltyn S., Jolin L., Sweet M.

    U.V. Laser Beam Diagnostics using a Computer Controlled Video Frame Store System
    Clark S., Emmony D., Laidler I., Omar B., Shaw M.

    Beam Profiling Characteristics of a Sensitivity-Enhanced Silicon Vidicon System at 1.06 Microns
    O'Connell R., Smith D., Stewart A., Vogel R.

    Digital Fluence Profiling System and Software
    Rypma R., Seitel S.

    Simple Accurate Inversion of Knife-Edge Data from Radially Symmetric Laser Beams
    O'Connell R., Vogel R.

    Investigation of Optical Damage via Resonance Ionization Mass Spectrometry
    Estler R., Nogar N.

    Laser Mirror Profilometry by High-Q Interferometry
    Rotge J.

    Design and Construction of a Single Polarizer Infrared Ellipsometer/Reflectometer for Characterization of Highly Curved Surfaces
    Leonard T., Loomis J., Stubbs J.

    Directo n2Measurement in Yttria Stabilized Cubic Zirconia
    Guha S., Mansour N., Soileau M.

    Measurement of Optical Damage Threshold of Wire Grid Polarizers at 10.6 μm
    Mohebi M., Said A., Soileau M.

    Laser Damage Studies of Several Acrylic Polymers
    Chang Y., Deaton T., Hilbing J., Mullins B., Romberger A., Shaffer A., Siegenthaler K.

    Improvement of The Bulk Laser Damage Threshold of Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate Crystals by Ultraviolet Irradiation
    Sasaki T., Yamanaka C., Yamanaka T., Yokotani A., Yoshida K.

    Laser-Induced Damage in Doped and Undoped Fluorozirconate Glass
    Bendow B., Guha S., Mansour N., Martin D., Soileau M.

    Platinum Particles in the Nd:doped Disks of Phosphate Glass in the Nova Laser
    Campbell J., Hatcher C., Milam D.

    Evolution During Multiple-Shot Irradiation of Damage Surrounding Isolated Platinum Inclusions in Phosphate Laser Glasses
    Gonzales R., Milam D.

    Multiple Pulse Damage Studies of BK-7, KCl and SiO2 at 532 nm
    Dodson A., Kitriotis D., Merkle L.

    Picosecond Nonlinear Investigation of Accumulated Damage in Molecular Crystals
    Dlott D., Hill J., Kosic T.

    The Scratch Standard is Only a Cosmetic Standard
    Young M.

    Ion Exchange Strengthening of Nd Doped Phosphate Laser Glass
    Cerqua K., Jacobs S., McIntyre B., Zhong W.

    Infra-Red Absorption Spectroscopy of Nd:YAG and Nd:GSGG Surface Contaminants
    Acharekar M.

    Excimer Radiation Colouration Processes and Surface Damage to Single Crystal CaF2 Substrates
    Emmony D., Laidler I.

    Laser Induced Damage and Ion Emission of GaAs at 1.06 μm
    Becker M., Huang A., Walser R.

    CO2 Laser Induced Damage to Germanium: Relation to Surface Preparation
    Gibson D., MacDonald C., Wilson A.

    Study of Mo, Au, and Ni Implanted Molybdenum Laser Mirrors By Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
    Aspnes D., Bu-Abbud G., Ingram D., Oh J., Poker D., Pronko P., Snyder P., Woollam J.

    Glancing Incidence Absorption Measurements of Metal Mirrors
    Ford D., Kimura W.

    N-on-1 Damage Testing of Single Crystal Metal Surfaces at 1.06 μm
    Becker M., Jee Y., Walser R.

    Laser Induced Mo Mirror Damage for High Power CO2 Laser
    Ichikawa Y., Kitazima K., Matsusue N., Okamoto H., Tsunawaki Y., Yamanaka M., Yamanaka T., Yoshida K.

    Multifacet, Metal Mirror Design for Extreme-Ultraviolet and Soft X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Resonators
    Newnam B.

    The Design of Optimum High Reflectivity Coatings for Grazing Angles of Incidence
    Shellan J.

    Phase Control Design Analysis
    McGuirk M., Poirier R.

    Thermal Conductivity of Enhanced High Reflectors
    McGuirk M., Poirier R.

    Yttrium Oxide Coatings for High Power Lasers at 351 nm
    Guardalben M., Hayden C., Krakauer B., Schmid A., Smith D.

    Self-Consistent Dependence of Porosity and Refractive Index on Composition in Co-Evaporated Films
    Farabaugh E., Feldman A., Stempniak R.

    The Formation and Development of Nodular Defects in Optical Coatings
    Liao B., McIntyre B., Smith D.

    Interfacial Structure of Ion-Beam Sputter Deposited SiO2/TiO2 Coatings
    Demiryont H., Sites J.

    Ion Beam Deposited Oxide Coatings
    Carniglia C., Price J., Raj T.

    Properties of IAD Al2O3/SiO2 and Ta2O5/SiO2 Thin Film AR Structures
    McNally J., McNeil J., Williams F., Wilson S.

    Ion Assisted Deposition of Optical Films on Heavy Metal Fluoride Glass Substrates
    Al-Jumaily G., Bendow B., McNally J., McNeil J.

    Highly Damage Resistant Porous Dielectric Coating for High Power Lasers in the Ultraviolet to Near-infrared Wavelength Region
    Kato Y., Yamanaka C., Yoshida H., Yoshida K.

    Ion Beam Characterization of Multi-Layer Dielectric Reflectors
    Beery J., Hollander M., Maggiore C., Redondo A., Taylor T., Westervelt R.

    Raman Scattering Analysis of Thin Film Coatings Using Guided Waves
    Higgins K., Stewart A., Tallant D.

    Raman Microprobe of Laser-Induced Surface Damage Regions in TiO2 and ZrO2 Coatings
    Exarhos G., Friedrich D.

    Probing Structural Properties of Amorphous Films With Raman Spectroscopy
    Hsu L., She C.

    Detection of Laser Damage by Raman Microscopy
    Adar F., Campbell I., Fauchet P.

    Time-Resolved Temperature Determinations From Raman Scattering of TiO2 Coatings During Pulsed Laser Irradiation
    Exarhos G.

    Effect of Molecular Fluorine on the Performance of Excimer Laser Optics
    Foltyn S., Jolin L., Lindholm G.

    Thresholds Measured With 350-nm Pulses at 25–100 Hz for Bare Polished Crystals of CaF2 and for Silica Sol-gel AR Coatings on Silica Substrates
    Milam D., Staggs M., Thomas I., Wilder J.

    Study of Temporal and Spatial Intensity Variations and Intracavity Damage Thresholds of Alexandrite Lasers
    Harter D., Heiney A., Rainnee H.

    Investigation of Metal Coatings for the Free Electron Laser
    Arendt P., Cordi R., McCreary W., Scott M., Springer R.

    Influence of Deposition and Post Deposition Conditions on Laser Induced Damage in Electron Beam Evaporated TiO2 and SiO2 Films
    Mohan S., Murthy M., Rao K., Rao M.

    Dependence of Damage Threshold of Anti-Reflection Coatings on Substrate Surface Roughness
    Kato Y., Nose Y., Yamanaka C., Yoshida K.

    Correlation Between Local HeNe Scatter and Defect-Initiated Laser Damage at 2.7 μm
    Franck J., Porteus J., Spiker C.

    CO2 Laser Induced Damage in a Model Thin Film System: ZnS on Ge
    Gibson D., Wilson A.

    Laser Induced Damage in Dense Optical Thin Films
    Charlwcod L., Chew N., Cullis A., Lewis K., Pitt A.

    Transient Absorption of Light Induced by Radiation
    Godwin R., Harrison F., Larson A.

    Effects of Radiation Induced Defects on Laser-Induced Breakdown in SiO2
    Canto E., Griscom D., Mansour N., Soileau M.

    Fundamental Mechanisms Of Optical Damage In Short-Wavelength High-Power Lasers
    Haglund R., Tolk N., York G.

    Temporal Distribution of Electron and Ion Emission Caused by Laser Excitation of Optical Surfaces in Ultra-high Vacuum
    Chase L., Milam D., Siekhaus .

    Anomalous Absorption in Optical Coatings
    Guenther A., Lange M., McIver J.

    Time of Damage and the Effect of the Pulse Repetition Frequency on the Laser Induced Damage Threshold
    Gorton E., Lewis K., Sharma S., Waite P., Wood R.

    Modeling Laser Damage Caused by Platinum Inclusions in Laser Glass
    Pitts J.

    Appendix I: List of Attendees

    Committee: E13

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1015-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5031-7

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-4479-8

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