PTP Program

Mechanical Testing of Metals

2024 Annual Fee:

Schedule: May, September
Sample amount distributed each test cycle: (6) machined samples into ASTM tension test specimens, 3 of each sample material type, and (4) 4 X 12 sample blanks

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About The Program

ASTM International's Proficiency Test Program is a statistical quality assurance (SQA) tool enabling labs to compare, improve, and maintain performance in conducting tests per ASTM Intl. methods E8/E8M (Tension Test), E18 (Hardness Test), E646 (n value), and E517 (r value) on steel sheet materials.

Conducted biannually, this program provides (for each test cycle) a set of machined test pieces and additional samples from two materials of differing thickness. Each set will consist of three pieces from each material prepared by the program and sufficient material for lab machining of four test pieces. Participants will prepare eight test pieces (one from each rough specimen) in accordance with method E8.

Upon completion of testing, laboratories will return tension and hardness data for samples prepared by the program and for samples prepared by the laboratory. Each laboratory will also return one untested lab-prepared specimen to ASTM Intl. for dimensional tolerance measurements (to verify if lab is preparing specimens in accordance with Method E8/E8M.)

Hardness impressions will be made on the grip ends of the test pieces. The Rockwell Hardness scale will be determined using an appropriate scale based on thickness and nominal hardness of material.

Test data and related information returned to ASTM Intl. will be used in generating statistical summary reports. Reports will contain:

  • Coded laboratory test results to maintain
  • Statistical analysis of test data
  • Charts plotting test results versus lab code
  • Other information

Statistical evaluations will include participant's results from the program-prepared test pieces compared to those from the laboratory-prepared test pieces and with pooled results from all participants, with outlier data identified and segregated.

For more information, contact us.

Why Should Your Laboratory Participate

You will receive compiled test results, available only to participating laboratories, providing:

  • Periodic comparison of your test results and calculated statistical parameters with other laboratories in the steel testing community worldwide;
  • Objective means of assessing and demonstrating the reliability of the data your lab is producing;
  • A determination as to whether your sample preparation meets method E8/E8M requirements;
  • Means of conforming to proficiency test requirements for laboratory accreditation.

Should you have an issue with your published results, please write to with your lab number and account number.

Test Materials

Materials used in the program will be in sheet form. The two materials will be of different thickness, to incorporate a possible change of testing machine range. To aid in statistical analysis, the yield strengths and tensile strengths of the two steels will differ by at least 7 ksi. The specific test pieces and the samples sent to each participant will be randomly selected. Other materials may be included in the future depending upon material availability and interest from participants.

Samples, test instructions, and electronic data report sheets will be distributed during the last week preceding the testing month. Labs will have approximately 8 weeks to return test data to ASTM Intl., and final summary reports will be electronically distributed to participants approximately 35 business days following deadline date for receipt of test data.

Test Parameters


Tension Test


Hardness Test (Program to suggest scales to be used)Labs unable to follow a specific ASTM Intl. method will be required to identify those areas where deviations occur.


Standard Test Method for Tensile Strain-Hardening exponents (n-values) of metallic sheet materials.


Standard Test Method for plastic strain ration (r-value) for sheet material.

Distribution Of Samples

IMPORTANT for International participants: You have the following options for receipt of samples:

  • Ship through a third party shipping agent - Provide ASTM International with the complete contact information of a designated Shipping Agent located in the U.S. who will be responsible for shipping samples from the U.S. to your facility. Participants are responsible for making financial and shipping arrangements directly with the shipping agent.
    • Please be advised that when samples are shipped, an e-mail is sent only to the contact of record on your ASTM PTP account. It is the customer’s responsibility to advise their designated shipper that the sample has been shipped.
    • We cannot permit shipping agents to pick up samples at our distributors’ warehouses.
  • Ship directly from the sample distributor via UPS, DHL, or FEDEX - Provide ASTM International with your shipping account number to cover shipping charges. Check that your carrier will deliver the test materials to your location. Materials classified as Hazardous may have restrictions.
  • Product Shipment Specs
    • Quantity: 1 package
    • Shipping Weight: 3 lb
    • Dimensions: 14"x5"x1"
    • ECCN: EAR99
    • Harm Code: 7604.21.0000

Requirements Of Program Participation

Participation will be on an annual fee basis and will be open to all paying laboratories. Registration fees must be paid in advance to participate in the program. Testing must be performed within the participating laboratory's facilities.

About Astm International Committee E28

Committee E28 on Mechanical Properties, consisting of over 400 members and developers of over 53 ASTM Intl. standards, provides the technical direction for the program.

Test information generated through the program will be utilized by Committee E28 to determine if modifications to ASTM Intl. documents or new methods are warranted. Data submitted to Committee E28 will be coded to maintain lab confidentiality.