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ASTM WK90103

Revision of F1967-19 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Infant Bath Seats


A revision to the standard is needed due to the unavailability of bath tubs on the market today that meet the dimensions and surface conditions for the test platform that is currently specified in F1967-19. Current bath tubs available on the market typically have some sort of textured or grit surface, to provide slip resistance to the floor. The current standard specifies a “smooth” tub floor surface and it is difficult to find a standard dimension tub with a smooth tub floor. In addition, the current test platform was modeled after a specific tub (The Princeton model by American Standard). Back when this tub was first specified in the standard (2008), this tub was inexpensive and was commonly used in residential housing, and thus was specified as the model for the test platform. Since that time, the Princeton tub model has changed, both in dimensions and in tub floor surface condition and purchasing a bath tub that complies with the exact specifications in the current standard, is no longer possible.

The task group reviewed the standard and the intent of the performance requirements that utilize the test platform. The most stringent test is when the bath seat is sitting on a rough surface bath tub (not a smooth surface) and is tested with slip resistant treads added to the tub flooring, (as is done one of the tests). Thus, the task group feels there is no longer a need to specify the tub floor finish as being smooth. In addition, CPSC staff conducted a market search and determined that there are many adult bath tubs with the average exterior dimensions of 60” x 30” and internal width of 25” that have a porcelain, enamel surface, so it is not necessary to have some of the specific dimensions in Figure 3 nor the two cut-out diagrams shown in the two sectional figures (Figures 4 and 5). The extra dimensions in Figure 3, and the specific dimensions included in Figures 4 and 5 do not impact the outcome of the performance testing specified in the standard. An alcove style bath tub that is 60” by 30” is the most common bath tub in residential homes.


Developed by Subcommittee: F15.20

Committee: F15

Staff Manager: Molly Lynyak

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Date Initiated: 03-27-2024

Technical Contact: Patricia Edwards

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