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ASTM WK89572

Revision of D5133-20a Standard Test Method for Low Temperature, Low Shear Rate, Viscosity/Temperature Dependence of Lubricating Oils Using a Temperature-Scanning Technique


I, supported by ASTM Subcommittee D02.07 Section C, which focuses on low-temperature non-Newtonian flow properties, am organizing an official inter-laboratory study (ILS) aimed at potentially adding a new apparatus to the testing method described in D5133. This study will include a comprehensive statistical evaluation following the D6300 protocol to determine the new apparatus's precision in terms of repeatability and reproducibility. Additionally, there will be a thorough comparison of the new apparatus against the existing one, following D6708 guidelines, to assess any differences in performance. Incorporating an additional measuring instrument into the standard broadens its applicability, enabling higher usage of the standard.


Developed by Subcommittee: D02.07

Committee: D02

Staff Manager: Alyson Fick

Work Item Status

Date Initiated: 02-07-2024

Technical Contact: Paul Tschuden

Item: 000