Work Item
ASTM WK89117

Revision of D2270-10(2016) Standard Practice for Calculating Viscosity Index from Kinematic Viscosity at 40?°C and 100?°C


During its recent meeting, section A acknowledged that the pending attempt by its TG 37 to introduce the results from D7279 for calculating viscosity index into D2270 had stalled.
Subcommittee ballot (23-03), item #002, had received negatives. As she was addressing the negatives to update the research report, the TG leader realized that the best way to separate the data was by method and matrix type. As there are insufficient sample sizes for the LU, ISDO, and IHFO datasets more work is required, which the TG leader – having changed occupation - cannot dedicate time to.


Developed by Subcommittee: D02.07

Committee: D02

Staff Manager: Alyson Fick

Work Item Status

Date Initiated: 01-04-2024

Technical Contact: C. Patrick Maggi

Item: 001

Ballot: D02.07 (24-01)

Status: In Balloting