Work Item
ASTM WK87983

Withdrawal of C1298-21 Standard Guide for Design and Construction of Brick Liners for Industrial Chimneys


This standard is being balloted for withdrawal with no replacement because This standard was renewed with minor edits in 2021 with the intent to prepare a more detailed, in-depth revision to update to newer code requirements. The Task Group Chair reached out to several industrial chimney consultants to engage them in the revision of the standard so that the updated document would accurately reflect current materials, methods, and procedures. However, a response was received by only one firm, who indicated that, in their experience, there is no demand for new brick chimneys—there is more demand to demolish those that currently exist—and the new chimneys they build are typically constructed of reinforced concrete. Given this limited response, the Task Group recommends withdrawal of the standard. The related material standard (C980 – Standard Specification for Industrial Chimney Lining Brick) will remain active for use if needed for projects that include repairs or rehabilitation of existing brick chimneys.


Developed by Subcommittee: C15.05

Committee: C15

Staff Manager: Krista Robbins

Work Item Status

Date Initiated: 09-26-2023

Technical Contact: Cortney Fried

Item: 000