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ASTM WK87761

Revision of F3261-20 Standard Specification for Resilient Flooring in Modular Format with Rigid Polymeric Core


Rational: The rationale is to standardize the test method and criterion, already used by the flooring industry for decades, to measure the static coefficient of friction of the flooring surface. The intent is to ensure all manufactured, inventoried, finished, rigid core plank or tile meets the same criterion as both ASTM F1066 (VCT) and ASTM F1700 (Solid Vinyl Tile) specifications, when tested in accordance with the operating procedure for the James Machine as described within ASTM D2047.
Since Rigid Core flooring is not usually recommended for use in wet use or contaminated areas, and manufacturers include in their maintenance instructions that spills are to be wiped up immediately, the testing will be performed in dry conditions. ASTM D2047 is a laboratory test method and is not a practical in-situ or field test apparatus. Should a manufacturer wish to sell F3261 compliant Rigid Core flooring for use in wet or contaminated areas, then other test methods and apparatus should be considered for justification of its suitability.


Developed by Subcommittee: F06.80

Committee: F06

Staff Manager: David Lee

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Date Initiated: 09-06-2023

Technical Contact: Kevin Phillips

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