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ASTM WK87760

Revision of F1700-20 Standard Specification for Solid Vinyl Floor Tile


The current short term indent test specified in ASTM 1700 is more of a hardness test rather than a meaningful short term indentation requirement. The current requirement in F1700 is approximately 5600 psi applied to the surface of the product for 10 minutes then removed, with residual indentation measured 1 hour later; plus 23 hours after that, if it does not meet the requirement within the first hour.
Issues with the current test are 1) with such a small presser foot(0.178” diameter), testing on textured products increases product distortion and measurement variation, 2) 5600 psi is not an expected psi loading that the resilient flooring should see, based upon use limitations and 3) a pass / fail requirement based on % thickness of the product makes it harder for a thinner product to pass the test; even though the thinner and thicker product may have the same amount of residual indentation. Switching the short term indentation requirement to match what is specified in ASTM F 3261 and ASTM F 1913 still focuses on a recognized short term commercial indent performance requirement(using an existing ASTM F 1914 indentation method). For the proposed change, the presser foot is larger(0.25”) making it easier to more accurately read the residual indentation. The psi loading is still substantial(4800 psi) The loading time is 15 minutes rather than 10 minutes(for existing requirement) with the residual indent read 1 hour after removing the load. The requirement is based on a maximum residual indent of 0.007” regardless of the thickness of the resilient flooring product tested.

In addition, the document needs to updated to reflect that the product is made in other modular formats beyond just tiles.
A separate ballot item will be submitted to reflect adding reference to planks and other modular formats, beyond just tiles to the specification.


Developed by Subcommittee: F06.80

Committee: F06

Staff Manager: David Lee

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Date Initiated: 09-06-2023

Technical Contact: Dennis Bradway

Item: 003

Ballot: F06 (23-05)

Status: Will Reballot Item