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ASTM WK86692

New Practice for Assessment Method for Exoskeletons in Logistics: Box and Bag Handling

1. Scope

This practice presents a standardized method for testing and assessing industrial exoskeletons on human subjects in realistic working scenarios with professional users. Since the effectiveness of exoskeletons depends on the specific application, studies should be conducted with exoskeleton-related tasks. This documents includes work scenarios from logistics, as box or bag handling. A variety of qualitative and quantitative measures can be acquired during testing. The measures are related to the subjects’ biomechanics, metabolics, comfort, usability and work output quality. This practice combined with the test method, shall be performed in a testing laboratory or the field where the specified apparatus and environmental conditions are implemented. Also this practice enables the creation of a big pool of data for exoskeletons on test setups and the opportunity to compare and classify the exoskeleton on the global market.


exoskeleton, industrial, occupational, assessment, work scenarios


No standard that currently addresses assessment methods for industrial exoskeletons

The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.


Developed by Subcommittee: F48.03

Committee: F48

Staff Manager: Nora Nimmerichter

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Date Initiated: 06-07-2023

Technical Contact: Mirjam Holl

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