Work Item
ASTM WK86545

Revision of E328-21 Standard Test Methods for Stress Relaxation for Materials and Structures


During the reapproval of E0006, the E28 terminology standard, the term "initial strain" was balloted for removal under work item WK80258, because it was not formally defined in any E28 standard. It received a negative on ballot 22-02 Item 11.
The phrase “initial strain” appears six times in E328-21, but it is not defined there. Even though the definition mentions creep, the term does not appear in E139. It first appeared in E6 sometime between 1966 and 1989.
This work item will slightly modify the definition of the term to make it explicitly applicable to stress-relaxation testing, and define the term in Section 3.1 of E328, so it can be managed in accord with the E28 bylaws on terminology management.


Developed by Subcommittee: E28.04

Committee: E28

Staff Manager: Ashley Wiand

Work Item Status

Date Initiated: 05-24-2023

Technical Contact: William Luecke

Item: 002

Ballot: E28.04 (23-03)

Status: In Balloting