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ASTM WK85641

New Specification for Additive Manufacturing—Data – Data Packages for AM Parts

1. Scope

This Standard provides the guidance, methods, and models to develop and utilize a data package for a part created using AM technologies (AM part). This Standard is scoped to the information requirements associated with workflow of the production of an AM part, from design to acceptance. Peripheral information related to entities such as organization, facility, operator, security, and others is addressed for sake of completeness; but they are not the focus of this Standard and may be defined elsewhere. This Standard provides the means to develop an organizational or application-specific data package for the communication between and amongst the designer, the manufacturer, and all acceptance authorities, among other potential stakeholders.
This Standard supplements existing data package practices with AM-specific considerations and does not support requirements that may be put in place by an organization for parts manufactured with other manufacturing processes; nor does it replace other standards that may be used to satisfy data package requirements of non-additively manufactured parts. This Standard will leverage and reference existing standards where appropriate.


AM; Data


Additive manufacturing has matured to a production-level technology but is still very susceptible to process variations. Data packages help organizations specify and communicate relevant data between design, manufacture and inspection. This standard provides a common reference on which data packages can be developed and organized for various procurement and production scenarios.

The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.


Developed by Subcommittee: F42.08

Committee: F42

Staff Manager: Pat Picariello

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Date Initiated: 03-14-2023

Technical Contact: Paul Witherell

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