Work Item
ASTM WK85387

Revision of C1303/C1303M-22 Standard Test Method for Predicting Long-Term Thermal Resistance of Closed-Cell Foam Insulation


Revision of section 8.2.5, reporting section for Part B (research method). Currently, section 8.2.5 requires the report to contain “the precision and bias for this test method”. That language is not appropriate for a test method report section. A more appropriate requirement would be reporting the uncertainty of the results. Additionally, section 8.2.5 states the following requirement “the expected effect of any differences between the research tests and those used to define the method’s precision and bias.”. This language is confusing and would require the test lab issue an opinion to declare how the reported results would be impacted by any differences in the test method and the reported P&B.


Developed by Subcommittee: C16.30

Committee: C16

Staff Manager: Mary Mikolajewski

Work Item Status

Date Initiated: 02-21-2023

Technical Contact: Stuart Ruis

Item: 000