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ASTM WK84449

Revision of D2029-97(2017) Standard Test Methods for Water Vapor Content of Electrical Insulating Gases by Measurement of Dew Point


Ballot Number: D27 (22-03)
The section 1. Scope refers to the 4 methods outlined in the document. In 3 of the 4
methods it refers to using a chilled mirror for measurement of dew point as low as
-73Degrees C to -99Degrees C and one method using a capacitance method dew point
as low as -110Degrees C.
For the application of SF6 gas anything less than -42Degrees C is pointless as no field
equipment is capable of measuring. In a lab environment, I have been advised that a
Spectrometer can measure low levels of moisture. However, this is not conclusive.
I would like to propose that consideration be made to revise the method so it is in line
with commercially available analyzers for field and lab use. Both Chilled Mirror and
Capacitance tyep to a min of no less than -50Degrees C.


Developed by Subcommittee: D27.07

Committee: D27

Staff Manager: Kelly Paul

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Date Initiated: 12-07-2022

Technical Contact: Billy Lao

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