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ASTM WK82548

Revision of F1066-04(2018) Standard Specification for Vinyl Composition Floor Tile


The rationale is to standardize the test method used by the flooring industry to measure slip resistance. D2047 is currently used for polish-coated flooring and has been recognized as providing nonhazardous walkways, used by the flooring industry to measure slip resistance for decades. This is not a new specification, we are simply giving our customers, specifiers, architects what they have been requesting. Therefore, the operating procedure and criterion for the James Machine as described within D2047 should be added to F1066. Since resilient flooring is not recommended for use in wet areas, and manufacturers include in their maintenance instructions that spills are to be wiped up immediately, the testing will be performed in dry conditions. D2047 is a laboratory test method and shall not to be used as an in-situ test.


Developed by Subcommittee: F06.80

Committee: F06

Staff Manager: David Lee

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Date Initiated: 06-30-2022

Technical Contact: Kevin Phillips

Item: 005

Ballot: F06 (22-04)

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