ASTM Volume 14.03, July 2024

Table of Contents

E2299-13(2021) Standard Guide for Sensory Evaluation of Products by Children and Minors

E1684/E1684M-19 Standard Specification for Miniature Thermocouple Connectors

E601-20 Standard Guide for Measuring Electromotive Force (EMF) Stability of Base-Metal Thermoelement Materials With Time in Air

E1159-15(2020)e1 Standard Specification for Thermocouple Materials, Platinum-Rhodium Alloys, and Platinum

E1129/E1129M-19 Standard Specification for Thermocouple Connectors

E2846-20 Standard Guide for Thermocouple Verification

E2049-20 Standard Guide for Quantitative Attribute Evaluation of Fragrance/Odors for Hair-care Products by Trained Assessors

E1810-20 Standard Guide for Evaluating Odor and Taste of Fish Suspected of Contamination

E1751/E1751M-20 Standard Guide for Temperature Electromotive Force (emf) Tables for Non-Letter Designated Thermocouple Combinations

E1627-19 Standard Practice for Sensory Evaluation of Edible Oils and Fats

E2181/E2181M-19 Standard Specification for Compacted Mineral-Insulated, Metal-Sheathed, Noble Metal Thermocouples and Thermocouple Cable

E1432-19 Standard Practice for Defining and Calculating Individual and Group Sensory Thresholds from Forced-Choice Data Sets of Intermediate Size

E679-19 Standard Practice for Determination of Odor and Taste Thresholds By a Forced-Choice Ascending Concentration Series Method of Limits

E460-21 Standard Practice for Determining Effect of Packaging on Food and Beverage Products During Storage

E2892-21 Standard Test Method for Odor and Flavor Transfer From Materials in Contact With Municipal Drinking Water

E1593-21 Standard Guide for Assessing the Efficacy of Consumer Products in Reducing the Perception of Malodor

E608/E608M-13(2019) Standard Specification for Mineral-Insulated, Metal-Sheathed Base Metal Thermocouples

E77-14(2021) Standard Test Method for Inspection and Verification of Thermometers

E544-18 Standard Practice for Referencing Suprathreshold Odor Intensity

E2139-05(2018) Standard Test Method for Same-Different Test

E2263-12(2018) Standard Test Method for Paired Preference Test

E2610-18 Standard Test Method for Sensory Analysis—Duo-Trio Test

E2164-16 Standard Test Method for Directional Difference Test

E1871-17 Standard Guide for Serving Protocol for Sensory Evaluation of Foods and Beverages

E1909-13(2017) Standard Guide for Time-Intensity Evaluation of Sensory Attributes

E3041-17 Standard Guide for Selecting and Using Scales for Sensory Evaluation

E1885-18 Standard Test Method for Sensory Analysis—Triangle Test

F3130-18 Standard Practice for Language Service Companies

E220-19 Standard Test Method for Calibration of Thermocouples By Comparison Techniques

E2877-12(2019) Standard Guide for Digital Contact Thermometers

E1137/E1137M-08(2020) Standard Specification for Industrial Platinum Resistance Thermometers

E1-14(2020) Standard Specification for ASTM Liquid-in-Glass Thermometers

E1870-11(2019) Standard Test Method for Odor and Taste Transfer from Polymeric Packaging Film

E644-11(2019) Standard Test Methods for Testing Industrial Resistance Thermometers

E3186-19 Standard Guide for Use and Testing of Dry-Block Temperature Calibrators

E1490-19 Standard Guide for Two Sensory Descriptive Analysis Approaches for Skin Creams and Lotions

E1697-05(2020) Standard Test Method for Unipolar Magnitude Estimation of Sensory Attributes

E3093-20 Standard Guide for Structured Small Group Product Evaluations

F2889-11(2020) Standard Practice for Assessing Language Proficiency

E2995-15a(2020) Standard Specification for ASTM Thermohydrometers with Integral Low-Hazard Thermometers

E2262-03(2020) Standard Practice for Estimating Thurstonian Discriminal Distances

E2082-12(2020) Standard Guide for Descriptive Analysis of Shampoo Performance

E879-20 Standard Specification for Thermistor Sensors for General Purpose and Laboratory Temperature Measurements

E2821-20 Standard Specification for Compacted Mineral-Insulated, Metal-Sheathed Cable Used in Industrial Resistance Thermometers

E2454-20 Standard Guide for Sensory Evaluation Methods to Determine Sensory Shelf Life of Consumer Products

E2943-15(2021) Standard Guide for Two-Sample Acceptance and Preference Testing With Consumers

E3314-21 Standard Guide for Protection of Respondents and Informed Consent for Sensory Evaluation Studies

E3261-21 Standard Guide for Odor Evaluation of Products and Materials Under Controlled Conditions With Trained Panel

E780-17(2021) Standard Test Method for Measuring the Insulation Resistance of Mineral-Insulated, Metal-Sheathed Thermocouples and Mineral-Insulated, Metal-Sheathed Cable at Room Temperature

E2623-14(2021) Standard Practice for Reporting Thermometer Calibrations

E2847-21 Standard Test Method for  Calibration and Accuracy Verification of Wideband Infrared Thermometers

E2251-14(2021) Standard Specification for Liquid-in-Glass ASTM Thermometers with Low-Hazard Precision Liquids

E1652-21 Standard Specification for Magnesium Oxide and Aluminum Oxide Powder and Crushable Insulators Used in the Manufacture of Base Metal Thermocouples, Metal-Sheathed Platinum Resistance Thermometers, and Noble Metal Thermocouples

E1879-22 Standard Guide for Sensory Evaluation of Beverages Containing Alcohol

F3516-22 Standard Guide for Testing Interpreting Performance

E2730-22 Standard Guide for Calibration and Use of Thermocouple Reference Junction Probes in Evaluation of Electronic Reference Junction Compensation Circuits

E1256-17(2022) Standard Test Methods for Radiation Thermometers (Single Waveband Type)

E1594-22 Standard Guide for Expression of Temperature

E1502-22 Standard Guide for Use of Fixed-Point Cells for Reference Temperatures

E563-22 Standard Practice for Preparation and Use of an Ice-Point Bath as a Reference Temperature

E2609-08(2022) Standard Test Method for Odor or Flavor Transfer or Both from Rigid Polymeric Packaging

E1207-14(2022) Standard Guide for Sensory Evaluation of Axillary Deodorancy

E2346/E2346M-15(2022)e1 Standard Guide for Sensory Evaluation of Household Hard Surface-Cleaning Products with Emphasis on Spray Triggers

E2758-22 Standard Guide for Selection and Use of Infrared Thermometers

E1958-22 Standard Guide for Sensory Claim Substantiation

E3288-22 Standard Guide for Screening and Training of Assessors and a General Approach for the Sensory Evaluation of Oral Care Products: Toothpaste and Toothbrushes

E2488-22 Standard Guide for the Preparation and Evaluation of Liquid Baths Used for Temperature Calibration by Comparison

E1346-16(2023) Standard Practice for Bulk Sampling, Handling, and Preparing Edible Vegetable Oils for Sensory Evaluation

E574-23 Standard Specification for Duplex, Base Metal Thermocouple Wire With Glass Fiber or Silica Fiber Insulation

E1350-18(2023) Standard Guide for Testing Sheathed Thermocouples, Thermocouple Assemblies, and Connecting Wires Prior to, and After Installation or Service

E2593-17(2023) Standard Guide for Accuracy Verification of Industrial Platinum Resistance Thermometers

E235/E235M-23 Standard Specification for Type K and Type N Mineral-Insulated, Metal-Sheathed Thermocouples for Nuclear or for Other High-Reliability Applications

E585/E585M-23 Standard Specification for Compacted Mineral-Insulated, Metal-Sheathed, Base Metal Thermocouple Cable

E696-23 Standard Specification for Tungsten-Rhenium Alloy Thermocouple Wire

E619-17(2023) Standard Practice for Evaluating Foreign Odors and/or Flavors from Paper Packaging

E452-02(2023) Standard Test Method for Calibration of Refractory Metal Thermocouples Using a Radiation Thermometer

E839-23 Standard Test Methods for Sheathed Thermocouples and Sheathed Thermocouple Cable

F2575-23e2 Standard Practice for Language Translation

E1750-23 Standard Guide for Use of Water Triple Point Cells

F1562-23 Standard Guide for Use-Oriented Foreign Language Instruction

E344-23 Terminology Relating to Thermometry and Hydrometry

E230/E230M-23a Standard Specification for Temperature-Electromotive Force (emf) Tables for Standardized Thermocouples

E3313-24 Standard Guide for Communication of Assessor and Panel Performance

E3009-24 Standard Test Method for Sensory Analysis—Tetrad Test

E3000-24 Standard Guide for Measuring and Tracking Performance of Assessors on a Descriptive Sensory Panel

E253-24a Standard Terminology Relating to Sensory Evaluation of Materials and Products

E100-19(2024) Standard Specification for ASTM Hydrometers

E126-19(2024) Standard Test Method for Inspection, Calibration, and Verification of ASTM Hydrometers

E2820-13(2024) Standard Test Method for Evaluating Thermal EMF Properties of Base-Metal Thermocouple Connectors