Journal Published Online: 17 January 2014
Volume 3, Issue 1

Depth Profiling of Residual Stress for Shot-Peened “U”-Bend Alloy-800 Tubes for the PHWR Steam Generator



Residual tensile stresses influence the mechanical behavior in terms of fatigue and fracture resistance, stress corrosion behavior, and dimensional stability of critical components of nuclear reactors. Glass-bead shot-peened “U”-bend Alloy-800 tubes are used as steam generators in pressurized heavy water reactors (PHWRs), where stress corrosion cracking is the common cause of its premature failure. Therefore, compressive residual stresses are induced by glass-bead shot peening to overcome the tensile stresses generated more along the bend region. The variation of these compressive residual stresses as a function of depth from the surface has been estimated by successive material removal followed by stress measurement. Optimization of electropolishing parameters for removal of a fixed amount of material is carried out. Stepwise removal of material by electropolishing is proved to be better for stress analysis instead of removal “at-a-time.” Effect of shot-peening pressure is also studied as a function of stress pattern developed along the depth from the surface of the straight tube and bent tube.

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Kalpana Nayak, I.
Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad, IN
Ramana Rao, S.
Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad, IN
Kapoor, K.
Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad, IN
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