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Engineering Aspects of Unit Operation & Performance

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About the Course

Modern and complex industries such as refineries, petrochemical plants and related chemical industries consist many equipment and units. It is the purpose of this course to present, in an easily understandable way, basic engineering calculations and information necessary for optimum operation and performance of equipment such as distillation and fractionation units, furnace and heat exchangers, desalting unit, reactors, products blending unit, gas processing unit and storage facilities. In addition, safety, ecological and economical aspects of various processes and units as well as process control and instrumentation will be discussed. Case-study problems for each unit will be presented to the participants with use of simple computer programs on excel.

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for:

  • Chemical and process engineers
  • Petroleum and reservoir engineers
  • Mangers and professionals, engineers, designers, scientists, programmers and operators working within the petroleum, petrochemical and related industries

Course Outline

This course will cover the following:

  • Basic engineering calculations
  • Energy and material balances
  • Physical and chemical processes
  • Feedstocks and products in different units
  • Burners, furnace and fuels, heating and cooling units, steam generation unit
  • Chemical conversion units and reactors
  • Physical separation processes
  • Distillation and fractionation units
  • Absorber and stripping units
  • Solvent extraction unit
  • Pumps, compressors and piping system
  • Mixing of gas-liquid, liquid-liquid and solid-liquid systems
  • Phase separators
  • Storage systems
  • Process control and instrumentation
  • HAZOP analysis
  • Economic and environmental considerations
  • Demonstrations with excel programs

About the Instructors

M.R. Riazi, PhD, AIChE Fellow, P.Eng.

He is the owner and CEO of Montreal Oil & Gas, Inc, a consulting firm based in Montreal, Canada. He is also a director of Fuels and Petrochemical Division (FPD) of AIChE as well as the chair of FPD group in the AIChE Annual Meetings. Dr. Riazi is the founding editor and editor in chief of IJOGCT journal and has widely published in peer reviewed international journals and written more than half a dozen books in various areas of oil, gas, coal and biofuel characterization, production and processing technology published by ASTM and CRC Press. He has more than 40 years of experience in both academia and petroleum industry worldwide. He received his PhD and MSc degrees in chemical engineering from Penn State where he also served as a faculty member in chemical engineering. He has held university faculty positions in the US, Europe, Kuwait and Middle East. He also has been a consultant for major oil and energy related companies worldwide. The methods he developed for the characterization and properties of petroleum fractions have been included in the API Technical Data Book-Petroleum Refining and many process/reservoir simulators. He has extensively presented in international conferences and has been invited speaker to conduct workshops for the petroleum and energy related industry in more than 40 countries. He received a Diploma of Honor from American Petroleum Engineering Society for his outstanding contributions to the petroleum industry and is a fellow of AIChE. He is a registered and licensed professional engineer in Ontario, Canada.