NCATT Personnel Certification Program

    About the Program

    Advance your career and industry knowledge by earning a certification provided by ASTM's National Center for Aerospace & Transportation Technologies (NCATT).

    The NCATT Certifications demonstrate the knowledge base of the advanced aerospace technician and promote integrity, safety, and professionalism in the aerospace workforce.

    NCATT certificates are an industry defined mechanism to identify professionals who demonstrate their knowledge through testing and commit themselves to the aerospace industry. Associations and professionals across every industry use these certifications to recognize qualified and competent individuals.

    SpaceTEC Partners, Inc (SPI) is the administrator for all ASTM NCATT written exams, through Credential Testing Services (CTS), in addition to its other job-oriented knowledge and practical-skill certification examinations.  SPI also processes applications from schools and industry training providers for ASTM NCATT Training Provider approval.

    ASTM technical committee F46 on Aerospace Personnel currently supports the technical standards development which updates and maintains the NCATT certification program. Please visit the F46 Aerospace Personnel website for more information on standards work, meetings, contact information and how to get involved.

    NCATT Certifications and Endorsements Offered

    Steps to Begin the Testing Process: Go to this link for information on the steps to take to begin the certification process.


    Primary Certification

    Aircraft Electronics Technician

    Note:  The AET standard has been updated.  Please go to this link to read more about F3245.



    Note: Candidate must successfully pass the AET before being eligible to take endorsements.

    Autonomous Navigation Systems (ANS)

    Dependent Navigation Systems (DNS)

    Radio Communication Systems (RCS)

    Onboard Communications and Safety Systems (OCS)


    Other Certifications

    - Foreign Object Elimination (FOE)

    - Aerospace/Aircraft Assembly (AAA)

    - Unmanned Aircraft System Maintenance (UAS)


    While not an NCATT certification, those in the industry who wish to obtain a certification on information technology for the configuration and troubleshooting of networks and SATCOM systems onboard aircraft can access the program through Satcom Direct, Inc.

    Exam Fees

    For information on ASTM NCATT exam fees, click here.

    Find a Test Center

    There are several testing centers available:

    • If testing through CTS, call Carolyn Parise at 1-321-567-5193 or email at This map identifies where SpaceTEC and CertTEC testing centers are located.
    • If testing through PSI, go to this link, click on the exam to locate a testing center near you. Additionally, you may call 1-800-947-4228.

    To become a SpaceTEC Partners, Inc. testing center, contact Carolyn Parise at 1-321-567-5193.  By becoming a SPI Testing Center, you will be able to administer ASTM NCATT exams at your school or facility, if approved.

    Training Providers

    NCATT Approved Training Providers are school houses/training centers that are in a fixed location and offer training programs that meet and/or exceed the NCATT standards. These providers have demonstrated a commitment to quality and must apply for accreditation and undergo an in-depth curriculum, facilities, and faculty evaluation in order to be awarded Approved Training Provider status. There is a $750.00 application fee to become an NCATT Approved Training Provider.

    Please visit any one of our Approved Training Providers websites to find out more information on their respective programs. If you are interested in becoming an NCATT Approved Training Provider, please contact Carolyn Parise at 1-321-567-5193.

    Airline Ground Schools - Cincinnati Lunken Airport

    Aviation Institute of Maintenance - Georgia
    Aviation Institute of Maintenance - Philadelphia
    Aviation Institute of Maintenance - Virginia
    Broward College - Florida

    Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
    Community College of the Air Force - USAF

    Concord AeroTech, Concord, CA

    Eau Gallie High School

    Embry Riddle Aeronautical University - Florida

    FlightSafety Intl. Savannah, Georgia
    FlightSafety Intl. Tucson, Arizona
    FlightSafety Intl. Wichita, Kansas

    FlightSafety Intl. Dallas, Texas

    George T. Baker Aviation – Florida

    Greenville Technical College

    Kansas State University – Salina - Kansas
    Kent Career Technical Center - Michigan
    Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology - Michigan
    National Aviation Academy - Florida
    Northland Community & Technical College Aerospace - Minnesota
    Pennsylvania College of Technology - Pennsylvania
    Pima Community College – Arizona
    Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics- Pennsylvania
    Redstone College – Colorado

    South Avionics Training Center

    Spartan College of Aeronautics – Oklahoma
    Tarrant County College- Texas

    Technical College of the Low Country

    Texas State Technical College, Waco, TX

    Tulsa Technology Center - Oklahoma
    WSU Tech - Kansas


    SpaceTEC and CertTEC Certifications Information

    These other divisions of SpaceTEC Partners, Inc., offer job-oriented knowledge and practical skill certifications.  For more information about SpaceTEC, click here.  For CertTEC information, click here.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is eligible to take the AET Certification? The NCATT AET certification examination is open to all individuals regardless of career field, training, education or experience.

    Where do I take the AET certification exam? Individuals may take the NCATT AET certification examination, through Credential Testing Services.  To contact CTS, call 321-567-5193 or email CTS Staff.  If going through an Approved Training Provider, you may also test through CTS or PSI.  To schedule a test through PSI, call 1-800-947-4228.  Payments for the exams administered through PSI will be made when you schedule.

    Is the AET certification free of charge? A fee will be charged for each NCATT AET certification examination. See Exam Fee section above.

    How much is the exam fee? See Exam Fee section above as fees vary depending on exam.

    How many times can I take the exam in order to pass? There are no limitations on the number of times a technician may take the NCATT AET Certification examination.

    What do I need to score in order to pass the AET certification exam? The minimum passing grade for the NCATT AET Certification examination is 70%.

    How often must I renew my AET certification? Passing grades will automatically trigger lifetime NCATT AET certification for the individual. The practical AET certification is a 3 year certification.

    What happens if I score below the passing grade? Scores lower than 70% will require the technician to re-test no sooner than 30 days.

    When I pass the AET how soon can I take an endorsement exam? If testing through CTS, you can take an endorsement as soon as you pass the AET.  If taking the exam through PSI, you cannot take an endorsement exam until you have received your NCATT Id Number. This typically takes 4-6 weeks.

    Questions Concerning the Program

    For more information about these certifications or other questions, contact CTS staff.

    Carolyn Parise

    Certification Manager

    Phone: 321-567-5193