Search and Rescue Operations Standards

    ASTM's search and rescue operations standards cover the personnel, equipment, and procedures relevant in the performance of search and rescue (SAR) operations. These procedures involve the use of available personnel and facilities in locating and providing immediate aid to persons, other living beings, or property that are in actual or imminent distress. These operations are most commonly carried out in urban and suburban locations, combat sites, areas of large bodies of water, and rugged terrains such as mountains, deserts, and forests. These standards help guide SAR organizations and emergency response teams in conforming to the proper methods of conducting these emergency aid procedures.

    List of search and rescue operations standards developed by ASTM:

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    Equipment, Testing, and Maintenance

    F1549 - 94(2011) Standard Terminology Relating to Underwater Search, Rescue, and Recovery Activities
    F1764 - 97(2012) Standard Guide for Selection of Hardline Communication Systems for Confined-Space Rescue
    F1772 - 12 Standard Specification for Harnesses for Rescue, Safety, and Sport Activities
    F1773 - 09(2015) Standard Terminology Relating to Climbing, Mountaineering, Search and Rescue Equipment and Practices
    F1774 - 13 Standard Specification for Climbing and Mountaineering Carabiners
    F1823 - 97(2012) Standard Guide for Water Rescue Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
    F1956 - 13 Standard Specification for Rescue Carabiners
    F2116 - 01(2015) Standard Specification for Low Stretch and Static Kernmantle Life Safety Rope
    F2266 - 03(2015) Standard Specification for Masses Used in Testing Rescue Systems and Components
    F2436 - 14 Standard Test Method for Measuring the Performance of Synthetic Rope Rescue Belay Systems Using a Drop Test
    F2491 - 05(2015) Standard Guide for Determining Load Ratios for Technical Rescue Systems and Equipment
    F2684 / F2684M - 07(2012)e1 Standard Test Method for Portable High Anchor Devices
    F2821 - 15 Standard Test Methods for Basket Type Rescue Litters
    F2822 - 10 Standard Specification for Fixed Anchorages Installed on Structures used for Rope Rescue Training

    Management and Operations

    F1422 - 08(2014) Standard Guide for Using the Incident Command System Framework in Managing Search and Rescue Operations
    F1583 - 95(2012) Standard Practice for Communications Procedures—Phonetics
    F1591 - 95(2012) Standard Practice for Visual Signals Between Persons on the Ground and in Aircraft During Ground Emergencies
    F1633 - 97(2008) Standard Guide for Techniques in Land Search
    F1728 - 96(2014) Standard Practice for Multiple Persons Cold Water Survival/Rescue Technique: Huddle Position
    F1729 - 96(2014) Standard Practice for Single Person Cold Water Survival/Rescue Technique: HELP Position
    F1730 - 96(2014) Standard Guide for Throwing a Water Rescue Throwbag
    F1765 - 97a(2014) Standard Guide for Ice Staff Self-Rescue Technique
    F1766 - 97a(2014) Standard Guide for Ice Awls Self-Rescue Technique
    F1767 - 14 Standard Guide for Forms Used for Search and Rescue
    F1768 - 97(2014) Standard Guide for Using Whistle Signals During Rope Rescue Operations
    F1846 - 98(2014) Standard Practice for Symbols and Markings for Use With Land Search Maps
    F1847 - 14 Standard Guide for Minimum Training of Search Dog Crews or Teams
    F1848 - 14 Standard Classification System for Canine Search Resources
    F1879 - 14 Standard Guide for Demonstrating Obedience and Agility in Search and Rescue Dogs
    F2047 - 00(2012) Standard Practice for Workers’ Compensation Coverage of Emergency Services Volunteers
    F2099 - 01(2014) Standard Guide for Use of Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Grids When Preparing and Using a Field Map for Land Search
    F2662 - 08(2014) Standard Guide for Minimum Training of Dispatchers and Telecommunicators of SAR Incidents
    F2752 - 09(2014) Standard Guide for Training for Level I Rope Rescue (R1) Rescuer Endorsement
    F2794 - 09(2014) Standard Guide for Level 1 (Basic) Mounted Search and Rescue (MSAR) Responder
    F3048 - 13e1 Standard Guide for Swiftwater/Flood Search and Rescue Operations
    F3069 - 14 Standard Guide for Requirements for Bodies that Operate Certification Programs in the Field of Search and Rescue
    F3070 - 14 Standard Guide for Evaluating Area Search Dog Crews or Teams
    F3144 - 15 Standard Guide for Evaluating Trailing Search Dog Crews or Teams

    Personnel, Training and Education

    F1739 - 96(2012) Standard Guide for Performance of a Water Rescuer—Level I
    F1740 - 96(2012) Standard Guide for Inspection of Nylon, Polyester, or Nylon/Polyester Blend, or Both Kernmantle Rope
    F1783 - 97(2013) Standard Guide for Performance of an Ice Rescuer—Level II
    F1824 - 97(2013) Standard Guide for Performance of a Water Rescuer–Level II
    F2209 - 14 Standard Guide for Training of Land Search Team Member
    F2685 - 14 Standard Guide for Training of a Land Search Team Leader (STL)
    F2751 - 16 Standard Guide for Training of a Land Search and Rescue Team Member
    F2852 - 10 Standard Practice for Training a Land Search Tracker
    F2890 - 12 Standard Guide for Hazard Awareness for Search and Rescue Personnel
    F2954 - 12 Standard Guide for Training for Level II Rope Rescue (R2) Rescuer Endorsement
    F2955 - 12 Standard Guide for Training for Level III Rope Rescue (R3) Rescuer Endorsement
    F2958 - 14 Standard Guide for Helicopter Inland Search and Rescue (SAR) Technician
    F3024 - 13 Standard Guide for Training of a Land Search and Rescue (SAR) Strike Team/Task Force Leader
    F3026 - 14 Standard Guide for Helicopter Inland Search and Rescue (SAR) Crew Chief
    F3027 - 13 Standard Guide for Training of Personnel Operating in Mountainous Terrain (Mountain Endorsement)
    F3028 - 13 Standard Guide for Training of Search and Rescue Personnel Operating in the Alpine Environment (Alpine Endorsement)
    F3068 - 14 Standard Guide for Contents and Use of a Position Task Book (PTB)
    F3071 - 14 Standard Guide for Basic Wilderness GPS/GNSS Use (GPS/GNSS-IW) Endorsement
    F3072 - 14 Standard Guide for Intermediate Wilderness GPS/GNSS Use (GPS/GNSS-IIW) Endorsement
    F3145 - 15 Standard Guide for Swiftwater/Flood Rescue Technician Basic

    Other standards developed by ASTM committees:

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