Nanotechnology Standards

    ASTM standards for nanotechnology provide guidance for nanotechnology and nanomaterials, as well as nanotechnology terminology, property testing, and issues of health and safety.

    List of nanotechnology standards developed by ASTM:

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    Education and Workforce Development

    E2996 - 15 Standard Guide for Workforce Education in Nanotechnology Health and Safety
    E3001 - 15 Standard Practice for Workforce Education in Nanotechnology Characterization
    E3034 - 15 Standard Guide for Workforce Education in Nanotechnology Pattern Generation

    Environment, Health, and Safety

    E2524 - 08(2013) Standard Test Method for Analysis of Hemolytic Properties of Nanoparticles
    E2525 - 08(2013) Standard Test Method for Evaluation of the Effect of Nanoparticulate Materials on the Formation of Mouse Granulocyte-Macrophage Colonies
    E2526 - 08(2013) Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Cytotoxicity of Nanoparticulate Materials in Porcine Kidney Cells and Human Hepatocarcinoma Cells
    E2535 - 07(2013) Standard Guide for Handling Unbound Engineered Nanoscale Particles in Occupational Settings

    Informatics and Terminology

    E2456 - 06(2012) Standard Terminology Relating to Nanotechnology
    E2909 - 13 Standard Guide for Investigation/Study/Assay Tab-Delimited Format for Nanotechnologies (ISA-TAB-Nano): Standard File Format for the Submission and Exchange of Data on Nanomaterials and Characterizations

    Physical and Chemical Characterization

    E2490 - 09(2015) Standard Guide for Measurement of Particle Size Distribution of Nanomaterials in Suspension by Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (PCS)
    E2578 - 07(2012) Standard Practice for Calculation of Mean Sizes/Diameters and Standard Deviations of Particle Size Distributions
    E2834 - 12 Standard Guide for Measurement of Particle Size Distribution of Nanomaterials in Suspension by Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA)
    E2859 - 11 Standard Guide for Size Measurement of Nanoparticles Using Atomic Force Microscopy
    E2864 - 13 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Airborne Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticle Surface Area Concentration in Inhalation Exposure Chambers using Krypton Gas Adsorption
    E2865 - 12 Standard Guide for Measurement of Electrophoretic Mobility and Zeta Potential of Nanosized Biological Materials

    Other standards developed by ASTM committees:

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