Volume 37, Issue 4 (July 1992)

    The Effect of Dentures and Denture Adhesives on Mouth Alcohol Retention

    (Received 9 November 1991; accepted 18 December 1991)


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    A total of 24 alcohol-free, denture-wearing subjects were tested for mouth-alcohol retention times with an Intoxilyzer™ 5000. The subjects were given 30 mL doses of 80 proof brandy to swish in their mouths without swallowing for 2 min prior to expectorating the dose. Subjects were tested under three conditions: 1) with dentures removed, 2) with dentures held loosely in place without an adhesive, and 3) with dentures plus an adhesive. Beyond 20 min following expectoration, mouth alcohol made no significant contribution to the apparent breath alcohol concentration (BrAC), with trace (≤0.01 g/210 L) readings found in only two of the subjects. Denture use, both with and without the concurrent use of adhesives does not significantly affect BrAC as long as a pretest alcohol deprivation period of 20 min is observed.

    Author Information:

    Simley, DO
    Forensic Dental Consultant, Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory,

    Tsunehiro, JK
    Chief, Dental Service, William S. Middleton Memorial Veteran's Hospital,

    McMurray, MC
    Chemist, Wisconsin State Patrol,

    Correll, PJ
    Clinical Professor, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine,

    Harding, PM
    Chemist, Toxicology Section Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene, Madison, WI

    Laessig, RH
    Director, Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene,

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    ISSN: 0022-1198

    DOI: 10.1520/JFS13285J

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    Title The Effect of Dentures and Denture Adhesives on Mouth Alcohol Retention
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