Water, Water Everywhere

A new ASTM International subcommittee (E60.07 on Water Use and Conservation) will develop standards to support sustainability and sustainable development of water-related products and processes. These standards will benefit regulators, the environmental community, building designers, consumers and others who support water use and conservation issues.

Michael Schmeida, chairman of ASTM Committee E60 on Sustainability, says the new subcommittee will address a wide range of issues related to the environmental, social, economic and other attributes of water. The subcommittee will acquire, promote and disseminate high-quality technical knowledge to stimulate research in and the development of specifications associated with water use.

"Water sustainability is a major, growing concern for all aspects of society: business, public health, food, and more," says Schmeida. "The time for this subcommittee has come, and I applaud the E60 executive committee for elevating ASTM's work in this area."

Rick Layton, an active ASTM member has been appointed as the chairman of Subcommittee E60.07. Layton is affiliated with many organizations dedicated to water standards and code development. Already, he has overseen the creation of major water-related standards dealing with residential wastewater, rainwater quality, and building-water stewardship and reclamation.

Schmeida says, "I'm confident that Rick will continue his strong track record of supporting water conservation while also addressing key health, safety, and functional concerns." The subcommittee could pursue standards development in areas ranging from fixture efficiency in homes to "net-zero" water use, to hydraulic fracturing, and more.

As Layton finalizes the scope of the subcommittee in the upcoming weeks, he invites and encourages anyone interested in becoming a member of E60.07 to contact him.

CONTACT Technical Information: Rick Layton, Haines, Jones & Cadbury • Rogers, Ark. • tel +1.800.459.7099 | Michael Schmeida, Oatey Co. • Clinton, Ohio • tel +1.330.760.0540 | ASTM Staff: Stephen Mawn • tel +1.610.832.9726 | Upcoming Meeting: October 27-29 • October Committee Week • Tampa, Fla.

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