Vacuum Cleaner Wet Extraction Cleaning Systems

The increase in the number of floor care products in the marketplace that employ wet extraction cleaning systems is the leading factor in the development of a standard that describes a laboratory test for the cleaning effectiveness of such systems.

ASTM F2828, Test Method for Assessing Carpet Cleaning Effectiveness in Terms of Visual Appearance Change When Cleaned with a Wet Extraction Cleaning System, was developed by Subcommittee F11.35 on Extractor Cleaners, part of ASTM International Committee F11 on Vacuum Cleaners. The standard will provide an indication of the cleaning system's effectiveness at restoring the appearance of an artificially soiled carpet by wet extraction cleaning.

"From the very beginning, ASTM F2828 was developed with the consumer in mind and provides a meaningful prediction of in-home cleaning performance with respect to products that employ wet extraction cleaning technology," says Kenneth Lee, director, global product standards and claims, Bissell Homecare Inc., and chairman of F11.35. "Additionally, this method will aid manufacturers in the development of better-performing cleaning products over time, as well as provide a credible basis on which to substantiate advertising claims."

Lee invites all interested parties to join in the standards developing activities of F11.35. In addition to developing an interlaboratory study for ASTM F2828, the subcommittee plans to develop another standard for assessing the residual moisture left in the carpet after cleaning to predict carpet drying time. Consumers and general interest participants are particularly welcome, to ensure that the needs of end users are being met.

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