Standard Helps Leather Last Longer

A new ASTM International standard will be used to determine the alkalinity of oils used to soften the stuffing of leather products. ASTM’s leather committee (D31) developed the standard, which will soon be published as D8284.

Total alkalinity is a chemical measurement of water’s ability to resist change in pH, also known as water buffering capacity. According to ASTM International member Massimiliano La Falce, laboratory manager at Atlas Refinery, Inc., “This important measurement helps characterize the concentration of all alkaline substances contained in sulfated and sulfited oils, as well as fat liquor. Controlling total alkalinity helps maintain the leather at certain pH level to ensure that it remains soft and has a long useful life. Indeed, high pH level will cause irreversible damage.” 

Manufacturers and distributors of these components for tanneries and laboratory tanneries, will be the primary users of the standard. 

ASTM welcomes participation in the development of its standards. Become a member of ASTM. The next meeting of ASTM International’s leather committee will be on Sept. 18-19 in Rochester Hill, Michigan, USA.

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