Soil Experts Developing Particle-Size Distribution (Gradation) Standards

ASTM International’s soil-and-rock committee (D18) is developing a standard for particle-size analysis when specifiers want both a sedimentation and sieve analysis on a soil sample.

The proposed standard (WK38106) will complete a suite of three standards that cover procedures previously contained in a now-withdrawn standard (D422). According to the committee, while there is no direct replacement for the withdrawn standard, these three standards address key areas of particle-size distribution (gradation).

The third standard will cover a combined sieve and sedimentation for materials with a maximum particle size of 19 mm (¾ in.). It will be used when specifiers want both a sedimentation (hydrometer) and sieve analysis on a soil sample.

The other two standards cover coarse-grained analysis (sieve only) (D6913) and fine-grained analysis (sedimentation) (D7928).

Committee members say that the new suite of standards more clearly articulates changes in technology and allows better matching between test specifications and testing applications.

ASTM International welcomes participation in the development of its standards. Become a member here. The next meeting of ASTM International committee on soil and rock is June 24-29 in San Diego, California, U.S.A.

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