Parasailing Safety

ASTM International’s committee on amusement rides and devices (F24) has updated its standard on parasailing in efforts to continually enhance safety in the parasailing industry.

The revision to “Standard Practices for Parasailing” (F3099) provides guidelines and procedures for the operation, maintenance, and inspection of parasail vessels, equipment, and associated activities.  This includes crew training and flying passengers aloft in a parasail. The revision increased tensile strength on parasail tow lines, added a wind variance for trade wind locations to compensate for the predictability of certain regions, and approved the of testing of the soft shackle.

“This is an industry standard that has input from parasail operators from all over the globe,” says Matthew Dvorak, president of Daytona Beach Parasail. “We are working on maintenance and repair, and continuing education possibilities in the future.” He says that parasail operators from around the world, cruise ships, waterfront municipalities, and resorts will find this standard most useful.

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