Nitric Acid Extraction

A proposed new nitric acid extraction standard being developed by ASTM Committee E01 on Analytical Chemistry for Metals, Ores and Related Materials will be used to protect water used for drinking, recreational and agricultural purposes from environmental impacts.

WK42045, Practice for Nitric Acid-Extraction of Elements from Ores and Related Metallurgical Materials Using Closed Vessel Microwave Heating, is being developed by Subcommittee E01.02 on Ores, Concentrates and Related Metallurgical Materials.

Charles Bucknam, senior consultant, analytical development, Newmont Metallurgical Technologies, and an E01 member, says WK42045 will be used by laboratories to dissolve samples for metals analysis and comparison with other testing method solutions.

Work on WK42045 began with a request made by the Nevada mining laboratory certification program for a standardized solids digestion procedure for elemental characterization of mine solid, waste rock, process wastes and ore.

"Mine and metals processing materials may impact the environment at a site due to dissolution of the metals during mining, processing stockpiling and disposal of wastes in engineered waste facilities," says Bucknam. "Nitric acid digestion of the materials will allow elemental analysis of the solutions to determine the presence of metals in the materials and assist in the proper design of waste disposal facilities."

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