New Specifications Support Manholes and Pipes Made with Corrugated Steel

Owners and specifiers of storm sewers will be able to use two new ASTM International standards that support the use of corrugated steel in storm sewer systems. The first specification is for corrugated steel used to build manholes (A1105) while the second supports connectors between manholes and corrugated steel drainage pipes (A1107).

“The new standards apply whether you are connecting corrugated steel pipe to new or existing concrete manhole structures or designing a full system using corrugated steel drainage products,” says Michael McGough. McGough, the director of technical services at National Corrugated Steel Pipe Association, and others developed the standards through ASTM International’s committee on metallic-coated iron and steel products (A05).

McGough notes that other standards have supported the use of other materials in storm sewer systems for years, but that these new standards fill a longstanding gap for using corrugated steel products in such applications.

Entities that own, manage, and help construct manholes and sewers will find the standard most useful.  This includes municipalities, states, regions, and other governments that might use the new standards to help build storm sewer systems for their communities.

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