Measuring Harmful Surfactant Concentrations

A new ASTM International standard will be used to help measure the concentration of potentially hazardous surfactants that are used in consumer and industrial products. ASTM’s waste management committee (D34) approved the new standard (D8310). 

According to ASTM International member Larry Zintek, chemicals covered in the new standard are released into the environment through direct use and down-the-drain disposal.

“Once in the environment, the chemicals are toxic to aquatic life and may have reproductive and development effects on animals,” says Zintek. “The standard will help measure concentrations in the environment. Measuring the concentration of these chemicals is a first step to understanding the risk to the environment and people.”

Regulatory organizations, industry trade groups, and laboratories will be able to use the new standard to measure the concentration of targeted phenols, which will help to gain a quantitative understanding of occurrence, transformation, and movement of the phenols in the environment.

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