Crosslinked Polyethylene Compression Sleeves

Proposed standard WK58343, Specification for Cold-Expansion Fittings with PEX Compression Sleeves for Crosslinked Polyethylene (PEX) Tubing, is currently being developed by ASTM International’s committee on plastic piping systems (F17). The standard would help support fittings and sleeves for PEX piping systems capable of high pressures and temperatures.

The new cold-expansion fittings and PEX compression sleeves are suitable for commercial and residential potable water and heating applications. Applications include  sealed central heating and cooling such as under-floor radiant heating systems, potable water plumbing systems, water service lines and geothermal.

The proposed standard could be used by manufacturers of polymer and lead free brass fittings for PEX tubing according to F876. Regulatory bodies could use the standard when specifying new fittings.

ASTM Committee F17 on Plastic Piping Systems Meeting: Nov. 13-16, 2017, November Committee Week, Atlanta, Ga.
Technical Contact: David Nickelson, Rehau Construction LLC, Leesburg, Va., tel +1.703.777.5255   
ASTM Staff Contact: Robert Morgan, tel +1.610.832.9732

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