Broadloom Carpet Adhesives

Many manufacturers have their own methods for testing adhesives for carpet or resilient or wood floor coverings. A new ASTM standard addresses this inconsistency by presenting a set of adhesive requirements that can be used throughout the floor covering industry.

The new standard, D7799, Specification for Tufted and Woven Broadloom Carpet Adhesives Without Homogenous PVC or Non-PVC Backings, was developed by Subcommittee D14.70 on Construction Adhesives, part of ASTM International Committee D14 on Adhesives.

According to the scope of D7799, the new specification establishes minimum requirements for adhesives used for the installation of tufted or woven broadloom carpet, within a climate controlled structure, when adhered directly and permanently to a structurally sound and recommended substrate.

"While some carpet manufacturers have private labeled adhesives under their own name to ensure that the proper adhesive is used, many do not and in many instances it becomes an economic choice left up to the flooring contractor or installer," says Larry Press, director of flooring, Helmitin Inc., and a D14 member. "This allows many products to be used that are not really designed for the application and traffic conditions involved. D7799 will identify the specific performance criteria for the categories listed and the conditions it will be subjected to."

Press notes that, in addition to carpet manufacturers, D7799 will be used by floor covering contractors, architects and the specification community, floor covering organizations and end users.

All interested parties are invited to participate in the ongoing standards developing activities of D14.

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