Liu Fei Wins Chinese Standardization Award

Liu Fei, chief representative, ASTM International China office, recently received the award for Best International Standards Promoter in the 2013 Top 10 International Standardizers competition sponsored by the China Association for Standardization and China Standardization Magazine. Liu Fei received the award in recognition of his promotion of ASTM as an international standards development organization and for his encouragement to Chinese experts who have participated in ASTM technical committees to incorporate Chinese technology into ASTM standards related to petroleum products and electromagnetic shielding materials. It is the first time this award has been given to a representative of a non-Chinese entity. Shown, from left to right at the Office of China Standardization Press, are Zhiyang Liu, vice president, China Standardization Press; Liu Fei; Zhouping Fan, executive editor-in-chief, China Standardization Press; and Fengshan Zhang, chief advisor, China Standardization Press.

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